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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

mamavation mom #7

OK guys I know I am so late into the game but it is true I have gotten the ok from my doctor to compete for a spot to me the next mamavation mom. Many of you know how over weight I am and how much I have been trying to make a better life style for me and my family, well mamavation is my chance! If you think I would be a great mom please let leah know by going on to twitter and saying
“Hey @bookieboo! I want @beeacutie2 to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support! http://bit.ly/aorv3Y”
or go to the Mamavation facebook page and tell her there!
Please watch my video and see for yourself why I need this, I say need this and not so much want as it is a need! Thank you all so much! Amanda

Monday, December 27, 2010

New beginnings

Ok so first off I am posting my Christmas blog a little later getting pictures all downloaded. Now when I say this has been a week you just wait and see! It all started on Monday night when we had Chicken for dinner just remember this when I explain and tell you the rest of our week. That night was my Nephews Levi birthday party he turned 8 and it was just such a  great time seeing him and listening to him all ready to be Baptizes and to know that he has been truly taught by his wonderful parents and teachers at church about it. We had tons of fun and I only ate half a cupcake way to sugary. On the way home I didn't feel any different and was just ready to get home as it was going to be a crazy busy week. Stephen had to work all week and I am still getting use to having two kids. Tuesday Morning I woke up and my throat was killing me I went to take my morning pills and had a hard time shallowing them down, but I honestly thought it was just because I just gotten up. I was to busy to really eat anything so I just helped fix lunch and at 11:30 when the ham came out of the oven and was being cut I took a bite of bread and waited for the ham to be ready. I felt like the bread got stuck so I went to the bathroom ro throw it back up. I have bad acid reflex and have times this happens. I went to take a drink to make sure it really cleared when I wasn't able to shallow the water down. I spent the next hour in the bathroom trying again to get the piece of bread up. After an hour I thought it has to be dissolved by now. I tried the water again the same thing happened. I was not sure what to do, but I had to take care of Spencer as Spencer was at work so I was honestly spitting in a glass or sink because I couldn't;t get it to go down. When Stephen got home I told him what happen he told me to try to sleep and see if maybe it was just so tense I tried to sleep when I woke up trying to breath as I was choking. I knew at that point something was wrong. I had him give me a blessing and off to the ER we went. We got there at 5:00pm between 5:00 to 1:00 I stayed in the ER as they tried to find out what was wrong. My frist doctor on call there did;tt hink anything was wrong at all as he saw I could use my mussel and that means I was ok. He took xrays of my throat to see what was wrong and they had me try to shallow this horrible stuff! There found a huge mass on my thyroid. So when I got back to my room I had a new Dr. Cox! He was wonderful! He listened to me and did all he could to find out what was wrong a ct later and some more xrays found out I had a blockage in my throat. My Doctor was on a date with his wife in a town an hour and half away and Dr. Cox called him and he call to do a scope on me to see what was wrong. Yeah he is wonderful! As I sat there waiting for it happened I was so scared at what they found find, would it be bad maybe it was just something stupid it had to be right I was young only 28~ Well I found out many things, first off I have to get my thyroid tested for many different things and see if drugs will make it smaller, also I found out it is part of my problem of gaining weight as it is not working at all. Second as the DR. was doing the scope he was 95% positive I have Crones which is why I have been having so many problems, including thinking I was having hearth attacks, the bowl movement problems, and other things I have had problems with. I found out on Thursday the results of the test and honestly I am not scared. There is no cue for Crones, but with Medians, diet, and exercises you can control it. There will always be times I have bad flair ups and times it will knock me out, but I will survive. I have to remember that Heavenly Father does not give us any problems we can not handle. There is a chance as being a women of getting breast cancer, but we can;t live by that scare. I will not let this rule me, or make me live my life different. Yes many things have to change and that is fine with me. I have been making changes and these are not any different, but I know my family will always be there for me. My husband Stephen will be there to support me. That my two sons Logan and Spencer will grow up with a mommy who loves them and wants to be healthy for them. So many times we only think of these problems and trials as ends and not as beginnings, that is what I am looking at them now. New beginnings  . New times to because a new me. I can;t keep this weight on me and stay healthy I have to change for my boys and my DH. My doctor is very positive I will lose weight when my mass is removed I was talking to Stephen about it and one of my goals was to have him carry me one day, he said honey it doesn;t matter to me I love you no matter what, but when you lose weight I will be proud of you! Speaking of losing weight I now weight 215 which is now 30lbs from the time I have had Spencer six weeks ago. Without the support of you all there is no way I would of ever been able to do this! Thank you all for this and know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily! Amanda

Monday, December 13, 2010

is it a month already!!!!

As you can see from this picture we had our church christmas party. It was so much fun but one nice thing about it was the fact I was wearing jeans that I havn't gotten to weear before baby and an xl shirt! But take a look at this picture in our church we have had three new babys in the space of three months. Starting with Amanda and Reese who I am holding is three months, then we have Logan who Katie is hold and he is one month then you have Mia who Amanda is holding and is two weeks! Now these women have been so much fun to ahng out iwth because quess what we all had c-sections and before Spencer was a boy we all where to have girls! lol It was so nice to go to the party and feel god about myself for just having a baby. Yes i have tons I need to work on, but guess what its ok because as we all know I am working on 5lbs at atime. Thinking of weight I weighed in last week at 224 and this week at 222 a 2 pound lost I will take. I have been really bad this week for sure, but I played the wii on friday and found out how out of shape I really am. It made me see I need to get back and work out. thinking of working out Doctor has passed me off for exersing now I can slowly work my way up to doing so much. Its kind of crazy this happening as the new campain for mamavation mom is coming thinking about apply we shall see. I know this is short, but I have a bigger post to write soon. Know I love you all and so greatful for your support! XOXO AMANDA

Sunday, November 28, 2010

3 weeks

I know I am a little behind but things have been so busy with Spencer. He is such a good baby. I can not believe that he is here, there are many times I just stare at him and think how lucky we are to have him. Heavenly Father truly places our children to us when we need them I am a firm believer on that. Logan is handling this change so well he is always wanting to play with baby he knows his names but chooses to call him baby! He is a great big brother and it makes me so happy to see my boys together. This week was thanksgiving a time where we think about all we are thankful for. I have so many things. My wonderful husband who is so willing to do whatever needs to be done to provide for our family. A great son Logan who is so willing to love his brother and be a great "help". and for Spencer who is reminding me everyday to take the time to let your children be little. He is helping me to see all the good things in this world to look at the postive. So many things have happened. Spencer is now 8.3 lbs and is 20 1/4 inches long. He is opening his eyes and staying awake longer which is so great. He is drink great, and is honestly a very easy baby. I guess with this being my last he needed to be. I am doing great have lost a total of....... 21lbs! I went into the hospital weighing 245 and now weigh 224, still have 25 more pounds to lose before I am under 200 but like we all know I am taking it 5lbs at a time. I am able to walk a litle bit longer each day, and I am feeling better as well. Just taking it nice and easy. I thank veryone you for your prayers and support. I love you all. Will be writting long post later! and umm would love to win Dr.Lynn new book because I just ahd a babya dn would love to feel sexy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baby Spencer

Well here I am sitting down to write you all about Spencer's birth! As I am writing this my little man is sleeping. And my big boy is watching Spongebob. I have been having high blood pressure as all you know, so my doctor had a big test to see if Spencer was ready to be born. After getting the ok that he was the doctor thought it was best to take him early then the 16th. I was scared and excited. Monday morning came around and I had to be at the hospital by 5:00 am. I was not able to sleep at all, when it was time to go we all guessed how big the baby would be. As we got to the hospital and I was being prepped for the C-Section I was very excited. As they wheeled me into the OR I was thinking soon I would be able to hear the sweet cry of my baby. Now as you all know we had four ultrasounds that said we were having a little girl as I was so prepared with tons of pink! As the doctor was opening me up, it took longer because of all the scar tissue lefted from my first c-section. Most of the time you only have a four inch, but I had to be cute almost 9 inches to get pass off the scar tissue. Now take in mind the whole time my doctor was joking with us we where having a boy just to ease the fact that it was taking longer. The time came for them to pull out our baby. Now I wish you could of heard the doctors when they pulled him out and out came a boy. the shock in everyone voices and my husband face. I did not believe them at all until Stephen confirmed it. Now I have to tell you I was shock! Not disappointed at all! My questions where being asked and I was not able to answer anything. It was not until I saw my little Spencer that i know my family was complete! I was meant to have a boy and not a girl. The moment they brought Spencer to Stephen and he got to hold him I knew it was all ok. I was able to kiss him before they lefted to do all the weighing and measuring. As I was getting sewed back up i had tons of time to just think. Why did we never see his penis, why where we meant to think we where having a girl? Why did I get some many pink things! I had no answer until later when I hold Spencer in my arm for the first time, I honestly felt complete. Spencer was born at 7:28 am, weighing 7lbs and 6 oz and 19.6 inches long. He is very sweet and only cries when he is wet, or needs to eat. He is sleeping already three hours a time between feedings, just a great little boy. Now how did we not know he was a boy, this is where the story is funny. The reason it would always show a girl and not a boy is because the cord was wrapped around his penis thus only showing the cord. This is only a 1% chance that it happened anymore. I laughed because if it was going to happen to anyone it would to us! Now my biggest thing was he would have no clothes! But my wonderful mommy went and got and exchanged all of it for cute little boy clothes! I am doing ok, very sore and very tried, but I am taking it easy and listening to the doctors orders. Thank you all for your prayers, we have really felt them and they have really helped. Here are just a few pictures I will upload more later. Love you all, the odairs

Monday, November 1, 2010

the good the bad and the crazy!!!!!!

Well the time has come again for an update this blog are getting shorter because well one I have no energy to write adn two I am in a funk. I have been in and out of teh doctors more times then I would of wanted to, and honestly it stinks. I know that being pregnant is hard and trust em I am so greatful for being able to last as long as I am. So I guess it is time for teh updates. I have been gaining anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs of water weighta  week, it comes and goes and always leaves me. That was the first sign I noctied of HBP. I noticed the swelling next one of my legs always looks so fat! It is kind of funny you can press down on teh leg and the fingers inductions stays. Next I started having bad headaches follower by dizzyness and spots. So to teh doctor I go I get there and yep protien in urin and yep bp was 145/109 justa  little high, so they have me lay on left side till doctor comes and it was not down, we looking at my chart and seeing that my bp has been high for three weeks, he order me to bed rest I was able to go walking a little to help with the swelling So tomorrow tuesday I go in at 3:00 for a full three hour test! Yeah so excited lol! It will be a NST, ultarsound, amnio test, and bp montioring. If everything comes back all clear then more thne likly we will be havinga  a baby sometimes this week, or as early as next week. It is all precautions as we have no NICU where I am deliveing at and the last thing they want is a premiee baby. All in all I am ok just tyring to keep my head up and think postive. i know I am not on alot and that ahs to do with trying to resta dn get stuff ready for teh baby. Know I am here thining of you all. I promise I will be abck soon, Amanda

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

36 weeks

This is just a quick blog this week as I have been dealing with sickness in my family. Its hard to believe in one more week I will be full term. So many emotions are going through my head, this time with Logan I had him and was in the NICU with him everyday praying for my son to come home. I can remember teh emotions of knowing that he was early dn that he was having a hard time getting well. Everyday was a consent stuggle to not be so depressed, and to not think the worst! I can recall not wanting to go and see him of fear of them telling us that he was worse! But then i remeber the times of beig able to spend and hold him. To talk to my son and tell him how proud I was of him for being a big boy and learning new things. I truly relayed on the power of Heavenly Father to help me. Now that does not mean at times I wonder why he was born early or what I did to make him so. These past few days I have been stuggling keeping postive about this LO. I have been having high BP and do not want a hospital stay. I finaly said thats enough and prayed long and hard and asked for stength. Strength is such a funny word. It can mean so many things. I needed to be strong like you women I see. I needed to be strong for my Daughter inside of me. Talk to a dear friend helped me see I am strong. I just needed to be reminded of it. So I tell each one of you YOU ARE STRONG! You can do anything and can move those mountains! Know I love you all! Amanda

Sunday, October 10, 2010

your a star!

I am like a star shining brightly,
Smiling for the whole world to see.
I can do and say happy things each day,
For I know Heav’nly Father loves me.

All this week I have had this little song in my head. Each time we would go on a walk I would hum this little tune and would teach it to my son. Now he is saying the star song when he wants to hear it. Now go ahead and read the words again, and tell me that it is not catchy! As I have been singing this song in my head I noticed it was when I was struggling or having a hard time. On Monday I developed a rash on my chest area thinking it would go away I put it aside like it was nothing. Then on Tuesday woke up to it spreading to my neck! I just laughed when i woke up thinking great only I would get some type of strange rash. So I made a doctors appointment for Wed. and prayed the doctor would know what it was! I knew I wanted to do some type of commit to fit project and the movement one that we have heard so much about in mamavation so I have started walking again everyday! We walk five bocks to the high school and take there walking path once around which is 3/4 mile and walk back home which makes it 1 mile total everyday! Now I may not be where Leah, Lisa, Rachel, or Jared are as look at how wonderful they where in NYC, But I do think that subway would be happy with a 34 week pregnant women walking a mile everyday! I started it on Monday and by Wednesday I was beat!!! I wanted to give up until I went to my doctor and he talked to me. As most of you know I have been having some blood pressure problems with this pregnancy, but doctor told me by staying healthy and not gaining weight I would be able to keep this baby in longer. So I did it, now that does not mean I have fallen because I have, but I have 34 weeks without a single pound being added to the scale, until wed. I gained wait for it 3lbs! I was a little shocked when i saw it and sad, but my doctor informed me he was happy to see a 3lbs weight gain in 34 weeks. So when you think about it that way I have done pretty darn good! Then he took my blood pressure it was the lowest it has ever been 124/88 wow I thought ok I am rocking it. He saw my rash and said in a joking way I think it is your body way of saying you do not need to be pregnant any more. We had a good laugh and he gave me some cream to put on it and said ok my OB patient who thinks she needs to see my every week how are you. I told him about my walking and he was happy with it. He said it was fine to do but to just listen to my body. Then he asked are you having BH, I told him well I think that whats they are. He looked at me and said well describe them to me. (On a side note I honestly never had them with Logan as he was my first and he was born at 34 weeks) I told him how they felt like period cramps at this point his face got long and he said Amanda those are not BH lets check you. As I was getting ready to be checked all I could think about was the scare of Logan coming early and all the problems we had. He checked me and said ok your at a fingertip, I asked him if that was good he said well its not bad or good. As he talked to me about what my body was doing having preterm concrations, he said lets just keep her in for three more weeks. I said ok do I have to do anything differently, my answer he gave was simple yes. He gave me a list of things I could do and things I couldn't;t no more walking a mile everyday, no more weight lifting, no more stree (haha yeah right) and no more worrying about this baby coming early!  He said now is the time to take care of yourself let others help you and be willing to ask for help, if I am willing to do that then we will be able to wait till the 1st of nov. and have this baby!  I thought about it long and hard as I was driving home. I was really honestly felt defeated everything I have been striving to do was taken away from me, when the little song came into my head again.
I am like a star shining brightly,
Smiling for the whole world to see.
I can do and say happy things each day,
For I know Heav’nly Father loves me.
I laughed to myself and thought well that its I will do happy things each day to help others complete their goals there are setting, I can still eat right and still Can walk so what if its only around the store to get some things or outside to play with Logan, guess what i am still moving! I can lift can goods into the cabinet right! See these are things I can still do I do not need to shut down and give up! That is what others may have done, but i will not do it! I will not lose everything I have worked so hard to do this pregnancy! I can still be a support to others this si what a star is! So I am telling you all now I am stillCommit to Fit Campaign and Jared ! I am still going to do the challenge set by subway and Lisa. I will still get in my movement when I can. I will not let this get me to stay in bed and be sad. I want to thank each and everyone of you for the kind words you have given me. I love u all in ways you may never ever know. I am so thankful you picked me to be SOTW! It is a great honor and something I can say thank you truly for! I am ready to have a beautiful and healthy little girl and I thank everyone of you for your prayers. So I again will tell you each one of you are a little star shining brightly for all the world to see! Till next time xoxo Amanda

Monday, October 4, 2010


Latly I have been doinga  lot of thinking., Wondering what is next in our lives. I mean yes we are having a baby, but what next? I have been thinking way to much about this as I have been stressing out. Well this weekend was General Conference for my church (the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints)
Many talks are given on how we can improve areas in ouf lives, but one hit me liek a ton of bricks. It talked about being greatful and having gratitude. So I thought to myself what am I greatful for? Well first off I am greatful to be alive in a country where we are free. We have so many freedoms and some of those are how we eat. Now this may seem werid to some that I have said this, but it made me think. I am so lucky because I can choose what I want to eat. now yes sometimes my choices suck, but most of the time my choices are not bad. Most of the time I am the one making healthy meals for my family. Just yesterday I made gutton free browines my family had no clue and ate them all. Then I thought to myself I am greatful that I can go to a store and pick up food that is good for you. Now with that being said I am so happy and thankful for Mamavation I know there are so much I need to do, but with the help of a wonderful online friends, who I can say will always be there for each other is great. To know that we all want teh same thing which is to be health. For some of us it to lose a huge amount of weight and to learn to kepe it off, for others it is to just learn how to live everyday being healthy. The thing is I know now that we can do it. We can make the choice now to live our life in a way where are children will see our good choices, and one day thank us. I am greatful for every chance I have been given in my life where I have been pushed, where I am able to make choices that will help me in the long run. I now know there are no quick fixes. I have now made a choice that after I have this baby I will be under 200lbs. I am not scared to tell you I am 228 lbs I have been for almost eight months now. But I will lose this weight I will be able to run after my son and not be faint, I will be able to take both kids on a walk and not pass out after wards. And I will not forget mamavation when i am done, because this is why i am making this choice. If it was not for mamavation i would always be willing to quit when I make a bad choice. SO i am greatful for each one of you. Thank you for being there for me, I want you to know I love you all and think of you everyday! XOXO Amanda

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

when life gives you lemons make OJ!!!

No really how many times are you given a task or maybe a challenge in life and it seems like every happeneds and you are not able to complete it in the way you want to? Well latly in my life it seems this to be the case. I have noticed a trend that everytime I am doing good or things are good in my life something happeneds to knock me back down to where I was. Now I know that these things happen to us all which is why I wonder How many of us get back up? I know that I have to always remind myself Amanda it could be worse there are many other people who have it bad compared to you. Now this does not always work and sometimes I just want to have a pitty party, but I will say that by making my lemons into something even if its not what I thought I wanted it to be I am able to get through my day a little better. I know that I am not perfect and have a long ways to become it, but its nice when you can look and see the real you the one others see. I look at my son a lot and notice that he takes after many of my traits, he is over dramaic which I am, he fights sleep, again me, and more then anything he cries when he doesn;t get his way. It makes me laugh to see a mini me. He looks like me and now he is acting like me. Now not all of my traits are bad he loves veggies and will eat them over meat. He loves to give hugs and comfort people who are crying. He is a perfect example of what I should be like. He plays outside everyday runs, jump, bikes, then he gets  a wholesome lunch takes a two hour nap and is ready to play again. I have been thinking if I was to only do what he does I would be much more healthier so I have tried it. I got up ate a good breakfast, went outside and played with him. Ate lunch took a nap and played some more. I never felt so good yet so tried in my life! Man no wonder he is in good shape, but it made me think, I need to be more active. Its funny I thought I was going well until I noticed how hard it was for me to walk the whole store of walmart shopping. I cringed thinking about pushing logan in a stroller in a mall! So what can I do to improve, well first off I am going to make sure I am walking again EVERYDAY! I am making my mom go with me and useing her diabetes as an exsuce to make her come with me. I am going to pass on foods I don;t need, even though I am pregnant it is no reason to pig out. I am going to make sure I am drinking my water. And more then anything I am going to take those lemons those task that just seem to never go away and make something of them! I know that if I do this I will have the best five more weeks before this little girl comes. I know that I will be in a place to take care of her and my son. Till next time know I am here and love you all, Amanda

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well its that time again to update everyone on hows it going in the Odair household. First off, Logan got a new big boy haircut! I cried a little seeing his curls leave him, but boy does he look so cute and more like a little boy now. I can not believe he is almost 2 and 1/2 the time sure does pass! Stephen is doing great in LPN school he is loving all the work he has to do. I am not sure if I am loving it as much seeing he is gone most of the day and night, but it is so nice to see this change in him. He is now thinking of going to PA school, yeah I said great so how much longer will that be. He said maybe by teht ime I am 40 we will be done with school! lol
Now an update on the baby and the pregnancy. Things here have been well stressed to say the least. I have been having lots of concactions, and honestly all the signs of preclampcia like I had with Logan. I have been having bad headaches, being dizzy, feet swollen just by walking a block or two, and seeing spots. I knew the signs and choose this time to not ignore any of them. By doctor is wonderful!!!! He has told me time and time again do not screw and that if I think anything is happening I need to call his office and if it is after hours to not be scared to call the L&D nurse and ask questions. As he said they are paid to listen to us pregnant women! I went in on Thursday for my 32 week check up and everything was great with the baby. Heart rate 159 to 162 and also I am measuring a week ahead which he says is a good thing. I love how you get all the good news before the bad comes. First off my blood pressure was high! 138/94 now they did have me lay on my left side for five mins and it changed to 130/84 now I can not always lay on my left side, but it was ok. I mean so many things are different I am healthy which is number one for me! I have not gained any weight in fact I have lost weight. I walked everyday, eat right (ok I still crave those darn french frys and have some but hey they are my weakness and I am pregnant) I make sure I am drinking my water (even if it makes me pee) and more then anything I have changed the way I think! Honestly attitude is something that has to come when you are making a change. I never once have said I can not do this, instead I have a note that tell me everyday I can do this. I know it is tough and I know that I will fail sometimes, but its ok, with every fall there is a chance to be picked up and that is why we are such stronger people for trying to keep news things and goals in our life's. So what does this mean for me, well first off I am not able to pick up Logan anymore. I have to let others do that 28lbs is too much weight for me. I can hold two gallons of milk at a time and really that is all. I have to watch for signs that show early labor, and high blood pressure. I have to be willing to ask for more help, but more then anything it means that I have to be willing to take control and to keep this little girl inside of me as long as I can. It can and will be done!!!! Asking for help is one of my many weakness, but with others help this little girl may be small, but she will be able to come home with mommy and daddy this time. Trust me there is nothing worse then being wheeled out of the hospital with congrats balloons and flowers, but no baby! That is not a choice this time! We are going to do whatever it takes even if that means I have to lay on my left side all day! lol I want to thank everyone in the MAMAVATION world who have bene there for me. You know who you are. You are truly inspiring people and I am so lucky to have you! Also if you are looking for a life change apply to be the next mamavation mom! Take the chance and let mamavation help you the way it has helped so many others. Talk to other moms out there and see the change. Look at Lisa and Rachel who get to run in New York with Leah and Jarod from subway!!!! Come on that can be you!!! Know that no matter what we are here for each other. One reason mamavation can live and support so many women is because we are willing to help each other out. Reach out to your sisters online, talk to them when you are having a bad or good day. Talk to them to help you make a healthy choice. I know I have many times. Be willing to take that next step, and also find the ones who have fallen away and help them come back. Let them know that you are there for them. Sometimes all it takes is one friend to help someone through there day. I love you all so much! The tears I cry for you are tears of joy. You will be seeing a LOT more of me on twitter now as I have to keep it easy. But even with that I will not gain weight I will keep the promise I have made to myself and my daughter. Know you all loved and thought of often, till next week.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A day of fun

So things here have been so crazy that sometimes I am wondering if I am breathing. Knowing that our new baby could be coming in as little as six weeks, has really gotten to me. I have noticed more and more how much we need to get things ready. I just got her crib up was excited about that. But I have been thinking a lot about how Logan is going to handle it once she comes? Will he be excited, upset, or just not care??? I have also been thinking I need to make sure I am getting as much time in with Logan as I can. So on Saturday we went to Carthage MO, to the Precious Moments Chapel. The drive is only an hour away, and it is a free to get in. The drive was nice expect for all those dang BH concrations. Honestly I can not drive more then 30 mins without getting them. It started to rain on our way, but we said a little rain does not hurt anyone. By the time we got there it was nice and sunny again. As soon as we got there we got Logan stroller out and started inside. The one nice thing is that most of it is outside so I knew I would be getting my walking in. It was so beautiful there. I have always had a love for precious moments and was excited to share it with my husband and son. Logan was a little unsure of them at first. He kept close to us when we enter the chapel, but that only lasted about five mins before he was out of daddy's arms and running around! I love the peace that comes when you are there. You can see the love the artist has for heavenly father and its nice to see. After we got done we let Logan run around outside and man I started to noticed two things first, I am really pregnant, and second how much harder it is to walk a long distance. I laughed when I thought in my head man my stroller is almost like my walker. At one point I was thinking I am sure glad I am heather this time around because I am not sure I would of made it back up those stairs! The rest of the day was wonderful. I had a nice chicken salad for lunch and some water with lemon. The amazing thing was that I walked away feeling great! I was so happy that everything was better this time and that I am in a place where I am proud of myself. I have so many people to thank, but the person I wanted to thank right now would be my husband. He has been a support this whole time, ate craving with me when all I wanted was carrots and hummus, He has helped me make good choices, and keep me on a path I wanted to be on. Here are some pictures of this weekend. P.S. Chef request looks so yummy! I would love to have some!

Monday, September 6, 2010

30 weeks

This week marks the 30th week being pregnant. So many thoughts are going through my head. First off this time with Logan I was so sick and have already gained 25 lbs. Next this marked the week they think Logan stopped growing inside of me the way he was to. This was also teh week we found out we would have a peemie baby. My husband losted his job, and we honestly where stuck! Now with all of that being said it is so different this time around. Yes my husband is not working but one day a week, but we are moved in with my parents! We have a healthy son who only shows two signs of being early, two out of 150 that there could be not that bad! I haev only gained a total of 5lbs this whole time, but with that being said I also lost 20 lbs so really not weight gain. I have a communty of women who I am so lucky to be a part of who help me everyday! So I feel so bless to be healthy, happy, and honestly home with family. Don't get me wrong my sister was only 4 hours a way, and I was so lucky to have you Kristy there in the same town. Its been nice having a mommy here this time knowing she will get to see little Annalyse when she is born, that my husband will be there and there will be no stress! Ok I know there will be some, but not like last time. I am in a very different mind then I was last time. It is crazy that I am not taking an depression pills at all, I know its because I am healthy and walking! With taht bieng said there are tons of things that still ahev to happened! Have I metion we have no car seat! I do also know that my little girl will have one before she comes home! These are things I know and so greatful being blessed with. Thank you to everyone who have been my support while I have been pregnant. You all know who you are. I am excited to be moved in and ready to talk to everyone again. Know how much I love you all! KNow I am here even when I am quite! So really THANK YOU MAMAVATION! Without you I wouldn't be where I am. I am a very lucky women! Love you, Amanda
p.s. to all my friends far away who have asked I am registered at Babies r us under Amanda ODair

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Move

I wanted to write a quick post as I know you are all worried about me (right). I have been in the process of moving back into my moms and dads house. I always find it funny that everything that can go wrong does! Take how easy it should of been to sort through items to sale, keep, and put in storge. That should of been an easy thing right>>>> NOPE WRONG! I spent way to many days trying to find items, then it was time for the yardsale before I was even ready! BUt I am very greatful for my mom and dad who helped us with it! Next it has been so hard to find time to walk this past week, everytime I have tried someone and something wnet wrong. I have been sick for almost a week! I mean come on you honestly should be able to eat food when your pregnant right?? LOL No really we are almost all moved in and then I will be back to my normal 9as normal as it cna be living with parents) life. I miss you all so much, but I wanted you to know I was not dead! I promise pictures and more next week! Till then Amadna

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Water and sugar everywhere!

Now I know this is a weird title of a post, but please wait and you will see why I titled it this way!
So living in oklahoma I have always said that the air is so humid its like taking a sticky shower everywhere! Humid is a way of live, we live and breath it in the summer months and pray for cooler weather! This week it has been so bad! I honestly haven't been able to get outside as much as I wanted to because of it. I walked to my moms on Thursday and Friday morning at 8:00 to go to work (side note I am now helping my mom run her preschool/ daycare) and man oh man I was so tried, nasty, and wet by the time I made the six block walk! SIX BLOCKS THAT WAS ALL! LOL Now Logan loved the walk and so did baby (Annalyse yes that will be our little girl name) She did not kick me the whole time, so I thought she is already a stroller walker! When I got there I was so ready for a big glass of water, yes I did take water with me but it was warm by the time I got to the house. I opened the fridge to get Logan some milk and then I saw it! That wonderful sugar smell of known other then... KOLAID!!!!!! I haven't drank that in forever it seemed like, but I wanted and thought I needed that sugar. So I  closed the fridge and thought no Amanda go get your water! So I got a huge glass and put lemon juice in it thinking that will crave my sugar. Nope it didn;t ten mins later there I was in front of the fridge again thinking do I or do I not! Now I knew it was bad when I said well (baby Annalyse has not been kicking that much so the sugar would help her!) So I gave in and pored me a glass, as I went to drink it my two year old walked in and said no momma mine! I laughed because he was right is not for mommy, but for Logan so I gave him a quick drink and poured the rest down the sink! Guess what after that I did not crave it anymore! I was laughing thinking sometimes it takes a two year old to remind me that I do not need that sugar!
I have to tell you that all you ladies are wonderful this week will be more of an active week, I start work on Monday and I am so excited to walk there on Friday's! It will be a great time and I know that everything is where it is to be! I love you all so much! Please message me if you need anything! I am here it may take me a few days to get to you, but I do care!
On a side note, if you all could [ray for my little family it would be great. We are having to move back in with my parents while Stephen finishes Nursing school, with him only working one or two days a week, and me not able to work we are not going to have the money to be on our own. I have been having a tough time with this, but I know it is for the best!
Congrats to Jenny and Lisa for doing so good with this campaign, and to Christlikemommy for being SOTW!
Also THANK YOU BOOGIE WIPES AND LEAH for sponsoring this week! I love me some boggiewipes! Till next week may the light of Heaven shine down in your life's!
XOXO Amanda

Monday, August 9, 2010

Walking my butt off in New York!

Hello All my lovely mom! How I have missed you all on twitter, facebook, and IRL. As most of you know I went to blogher for four full, fun, tried day! I honestly only used a taxi or shuttle four times the whole time I was there! I loved the way everyone walks, it didn't matter what size you where you just walked everywhere! I knew I would love a few pounds, but never in my life did I think 5! I mean being pregnant I thought I would be ok, and not get as tried as some said, but man I was! I ate good food there and made very good choices! I just made it a top choice of my to eat right! I mean yes I was on Vacation, but I really did;t need that extra cookie! I got to meet so many amazing women there and walked away with tons of new friends! I was so so so happy to finally meet LEAH! When you get the chance meet her! She is honestly such a kind caring women who loves us all. She is always striving to help everyone out, (and honestly guys she was super busy!!!) I loved being her helper and will do it again in a heartbeat! Now ladies New York was CRAZY! I honestly thought I would die or give birth in the back seat of a taxi every time! Which is why I walked. Here's a little story for you all I was able to go to tons of party's and find friends everywhere, but one party was 15 blocks away, I did not want to spend the money for a taxi so I walked there with some others. I loved the laughs and comments of come on guys the pregnant women is out walking us! If any of you knew my sister Alisa you would know she ALWAYS speed walks, I thought of all the times I would tell her that, and thought wow I am now the person leaving them all in the dust! I know that with out Mamavation, I would of been the lazy people who rode the taxis the whole time, but I wasn't! I learned tons about myself and what I can really do. I am so thankful for all you ladies who help me daily! You all know who you are. And Lori which by the way is giving away free Avon this week (would love to win that hint hint) I took your spot of being Leahs gal, not sure if I did a good enough job, but it was nice! Trust me ladies if a six month pregnant women can walk 30 blocks so can you! I honestly did leave my buns in New York City! 
P.S. Sorry sis I looked everywhere for Glenn he was no where!  

Monday, August 2, 2010


I was watching one of my fav. movies Hope floats! If you don;t know the movies it follows Sandra Bullucks charter as she moves back home after being humiliated by her husband and best friend on tv. This movie is just the type of movie that you just want to watch over and over again as she fall for none other then harry connick jr. Hello hottie! But back to my point as I was watching this movie I noticed how many times they told her to smile. But it made me think how many times do we smile? So then I thought how many times do I tell myself good job? Not very many! So starting this week I have a little chart by my computer where it says tell yourself your are great! And you know what I am doing it! So I am telling you all put a note by your computer and tell yourself your great it honestly will change the way you think about yourself! I will see some of you at blogher so excited! Know that I am tried, but always here for you all! And know you are all SPECIAL! Love you all, Amanda

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lions, and Tigers and Bear oh my!

Hello all who come in for a chance to read my blog. I can not tell you how much it makes me feel having you all read it. But enough of the I could cry write now stuff, I want to talk about us! This week has been a very blue week for me. It all started when i saw my blood pressure and it was 145/95 I freaked out how could that be so high! I have been eating right ok, I did have those homemade french Fry's but they were so good and saying "Eat me Amanda" So I did eat them, not very many, but some. I walked this week, but its hard because it is always in the triple digits and I feel like crap afterwards so I have been sticking to inside. My TMJ has been flaring up and that has made eating not that fun! All in all I have been in a blue blue mood. Kind of like the Lion from the wizard of oz. I am the type of person who can hind a bad day so easily, my whole life I have faked a smile when I needed to! But now I think of my sisters, my friends, and my family and wonder why do I do that? What is the point of putting on a fake face to someone. So for that my dear friends I am sorry. So what made me cheer up this week, but my son wonderful silly smile! Here take a look and see what i mean!

Its funny to me how simple a smile can be! Think about it when someone smiles at you, you do what, smile! Its one of those strange facts of life!  When you smile you have endorphins just coming out of your whole body, so maybe we need to smile a little bit more. Go have some fun, wash the car together as a family, or sit down and read a book together. As soon as I let myself not get so down and blue, things started to get better! Just like eating right makes you feel better!
If we all are just willing to except that we will have bad days as well as good ones, we will be able to make it that Emerald city in no time! Congrats to Jenny, and Jess who are rocking it out!!!! You guys are doing great!

Monday, July 19, 2010

what a week

I love Birthday! You know its always nice to be able to celebrate that date with others. A day that is for that person! Well honestly i like to just celebrate things. My old roommate and I would celebrate anything, happy half birthday your almost old! We just liked having parties. Well I have been thinking of things and wondering why we don't celebrate more things in our lives. Like the time you passed on dessert, or the time you said no to that extra serving. Instead we look at things that happened that are bad. Oh my I ate two piece of toast this morning instead of one, I am so bad and need everyone to know that I was bad. But why do we do that? Why do we beat ourselves up so much. Here's what I mean, I haven't gained anything this pregnancy and have lost a total of almost 25 lbs, then this last week some how weight has been pored on me, I noticed I gained 3lbs in two whole weeks! I was so depressed and thought why did it happened yes I did have those cookies and chocolate cake but a birthday. I honestly got myself down because of it and thought wow I am so fat now. Then my wonderful husband reminded me something honey you are pregnant which is not a reason to gain tons of weight, but you knew it would happen. I said a quick prayer and thanks heavenly father for giving me a healthy pregnancy and have now let it go! I have thought why was it I was so upset and have noticed it was because we are always so bent to make ourselves hate when we do something bad. But I think we need to celebrate more the times we do good things, or the time we do something bad but make it better. If we are willing to do that then think about how much greater we will feel about ourselves! So never time you do something your proud of celebrate!
Love you all,
This week is sponsor by chiquita which I think have the best fruit around! yummy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

independence day..........

Every time I hear the word independence I think of so many things..... One thing is freedom of speech. Most who know me know I love to talk. Honestly growing up I was told i could take about anything! That is still true today! Also I love giving speeches I was that weird child growing up who enter into speech contest and wanted to see if I have won. Now I have a son who loves to talk as well, he is so much like his mommy its crazy! Next thing I think of is freedom of Religion. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints has been a blessing in my life, and I know that without hat freedom we may not have the church! Next I think of the men and women who are willing to honestly lay down there life's for protecting us and our great nation! One more thing I think of is my right to be healthy or fat. I know that my life has been up and down with my weight, I am not the same girl I use to be. With that being said I have always had the choose to decided what I wanted to look like and how I was going to be able to get to the place I wanted. Growing up I was skinny I was after the girl who had stick arms and legs and boobs. lol But then I hit middle school and my life changed, I was never fat, but never where I used to be. I still was made fun of in high school but this time for different reasons. It wasn;t Intel I went to college where I had some great roommates that helped me see who I really was. That I didn;t have to hid myself behind the fact that I was bigger. I met a great man in college who showed me that he loved me because of who I am and not just for what I looked like. Now I am not the same girl when he married me, I am a 30 lbs more girl, but he still loves me. I have taken this pregnancy as a way to make myself not fall back into where I used to be. I am making right choice, walking, doing wii fit which is honestly fun. My sister just got a pool and it was so nice to swim in it. I may be there more then she wants me to be! lol But honestly without this freedom we have there would be no way we could do what we do everyday. We would give up when we made a wrong choice or maybe even be punished for it. So I am thankful for my friends who are there for me, who help me through good times, and most inmportanly the bad times. I am thankful that I can blog like this and not feel like I will be shot. So thank you to the men who made it possible for us to live in a free country! God bless the USA and all of you!
OK here are some pictures of me I am 22 weeks! I feel so huge! lol enjoy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

if your happy and you know it........

Well the time has come once again to write you all. Well this week has been one of ups and downs, but then again I am pregnant! I am half way there 20 weeks now! It is honestly crazy to think that it has gone this fast already. It was this time last pregnancy that I was put on bed rest because of high blood pressure, I am a little scared and nervous for my appointment on Thursday to find out the sex of the baby and to see if my blood pressure is ok. I know that I have done things so different this time and honestly I am so happy for that, Be active even with it being 101 outside has been wonderful! Now I am just hoping for that through the rest of my time. I have been praying and asking for it! My wonderful sister in law told me its ok to pray and ask for things like your baby being healthy, not a crier, and maybe not as busy as your first, but be prepared if the Lords answer is no! (thanks Kristy) So I pray for health and strengh and for that little one will be healthy! Thank you all for your thoughts and I am sorry if I am not on all the time and a little distracted I am just trying to be there more for Logan and Stephen before Stephen starts school! Know I love you all and think of you often! Amanda

Monday, June 21, 2010

summer time

Its crazy to me to think that summer is really here, it only seems like yesterday that we were plating our graden adn waiting for some things to grow. Now it it is full blown hot and it is not even july or Aug. yet! Logan has been doing well and now that Stephen starts nursing school soon, it has been great! The pregnancy has been doing better now taht I do not feel like I have to puke 24/7. Also feeling teh baby move is always a nice thing, I have been able to not gain any weight back from the15 lbs I have lost. I honestly feel good walking which is nice. Summer nights are a great time for Stephen, Logan and I to take the stoller out and just walk. We walk about a mile almost every night. It is nice to be active adn have that feeling knowing I am keeping my promise and being healthy. Now I am not looking forward to the 100 degree weather and may be more in doors, but now it is nice outside. I know this is a short blog, but i am writing this as I watch logan running around the living roomm being a dragon! Till next time! Amanda

Sunday, June 6, 2010

feeling better

Its so funny that once I hit 16 1/2 weeks how much better I have been starting to feel. I have some more energy and keeping food down. I went to the doctors on thursday and found out that I am doing good and right where I need to be with my pregnancy. I did found out I have lost a total of 15 lbs because of my sickness with this little baby. But I am more healthier now! I am doing every right I need to be I work out by walking and useing my Ea active, which I love! Kickboxing rocks! I have made an appointment for July 1st to find out what we are having. Its so funny with Logan deep down inside I knew what I was having, with this one, no clue! One thing that I do love with this pregnancy is how diferent I feel just by making a few changes, like eatting right, walking everyday, and making sure I am not over eatting. I am not using food as my out this time, I am not going to let myself get into that funk I put myself into with Logan. I will ask for help and not be scared to asked for help. its funny to me that I did not see this with Logan, that by a little bit of postiveness you can do so much more. I love that so many of my friends are pregnant as well, I feel that we will all help each other. I know these have not been long, but I am tried and have a little boy all over me. Know I am praying for you all, and I am here for you! Love you all, Amanda

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunny days

Don't you just love the summer weather! I know I do, but with teh sunny weather can come those not so nice stormy days. Well my week felt like a big storm! Started out on sunday Logan got pink eye, nice, then strep thoart went around the family. Then I have been sick for almost two weeks, with a tummy bug. Like I said love those nice summer days full of sun and a nice breeze! Its ok, things always seem to get worse then better. I feel like I need a break a vaction or something! This pregnancy even though I am so much healther is kicking my trash! Its ok thou because I know I can do it, and it is so worth it for my little one inside of me. Logan is now coming to my belly and kissing it and saying baby! He is way to sweet. A quick story on Logan I got sick and neeed to throw up when Logan came to teh bathroom concerned cried momma and brought me the bottle of Malox! What a sweet boy. He is growing up like crazy and love the pool Or (bath) as he has outside. know I am here, just been so tried and sick to do a lot. Love you all! Amanda

Monday, May 17, 2010


Hello everyone this will not be a long post, I have been dealing with a sickness and been trying to get better. I have to say that I am so greatful for my friends who have noticed I have been MIA and wondering if everything is ok. I came down with some type of stomach bug that has caused me to well to not go into any detail very sick and not being able to keep anything down! Being pregnant and all this has been so bad. Because of this I have lost 3lbs in one week which again is not good. I go to the doctor tomorrow to see what is wrong. Also you have to love Oklahoma weather, on saturday night about 9:00 pm it started to rain, and it was so bad it rained for almost eight hours staright the street where we lived was flooded, Stephen was not able to go to work because he couldn't get out of our driveways! Winds were very bad and the power went out and there was not power for what seemed liek forever! LOL Logan and Stephen Slepted through the whole thing! Yes it was crazy. I have slowing been able to eat food, yogart, has been my friend! Also toast with butter! I promise to write more next time. Till then wishing you all great health and well wished! Love you all, Amanda

Monday, May 10, 2010

Somethings got to give

Hello my name is Amanda ODair and I am going insane.... If you need me please leave a message after this scream! Honestly how many of you have felt this way? Well I know that I have and honestly I feel like this right now. I had a lot to do for my church and thought I could take it all on by myself because isn't that what I am to do? Well I had a doctors appointment to check up on everything and things were fine I lost 5.7 lbs just by walking and eatting right. Then I got my blood pressuer checked and guess what all this stress has gotten to me my blood pressuer was 131/90 now its not too high and could of been worse, but the point was somethings got to give! But what??? I know that I can not get rid of my church callling, but I can ask for more help! I know I can't stop being a mom, but I can ask for more help! I know I can't stop being a wife, but I know I can ask for more help! I know I can not stop being me, you know a mom, wife, and friend, but I can ask for more help! I want to have a baby and go full term with this little one. I want to get nine months pregenant and be miserable! I know that in order for that to happen I need to give a little and take a little more help. I have to do some certin things like keep walking everyday! Drinking lots of water maybe some AquaHydrate??? And eatting right! I know that if I give a little and take a little help I will be able to have a healthy baby! I love you all and I thank you all for helping me!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Last night we are a little family watch an old classic Prince of Egypt. As I was watching it, I started thinking to myself do I believe in myself? I mean think of it this way, every day we are always trying to teach our children to believe in themselfs, that no matter what they can do anything they set their minds too, but do we tell ourself that? Well latly I havn't been I have been telling myself that I can do it, but when I lose my way I do not tell myself to believe in myself. At the end of teh movie when Mose has parted teh red sea and they are safe, you have this beautiful song called When you Believe. I totally forgot about this song, and honestly I was singing along the whole time. I remeber a time when I had this song on a mixed CD. I would sing it alot! Now bare with me here, no I am not going to sing the song for you. LOL Now some of you may not know this about me, but I love to sing, and the ones who do know me know that I have been blessed by Heavenly fatherwith a gift of song. So now you can all sing along as I put the lyrics up for you to read!
Many nights we've prayed

With no proof anyone could hear

In our hearts a hopeful song

We barely understood

Now we are not afraid

Although we know there's much to fear

We were moving mountains

Long before we knew we could

There can be miracles

When you believe

Though hope is frail

It's hard to kill

Who knows what miracles

You can achieve

When you believe

Somehow you will

You will when you believe

In this time of fear

When prayer so often proves in vain

Hope seemed like the summer birds

Too swiftly flown away

Yet now I'm standing here

My heart's so full I can't explain

Seeking faith and speaking words

I never thought I'd say

There can be miracles

When you believe

Though hope is frail

It's hard to kill

Who knows what miracles

You can achieve

When you believe

Somehow you will

You will when you believe

They don't always happen when you ask

And it's easy to give in to your fear

But when you're blinded by your pain

Can't see your way safe through the rain

Thought of a still resilient voice

Says love is very near

There can be miracles

When you believe

Though hope is frail

It's hard to kill

Who knows what miracles

You can achieve

When you believe

Somehow you will

Now you will

You will when you believe

You will when you believe

Just believe

Gotta believe

You will when you believe

Now that you have read the lyrics think are you believeing in yourself? If your not why is it? For me when I reread the lyrics it was this part right here that made me think. "We were moving mountains Long before we knew we could." Wow how true is that when you have an idea don't you go for it?  Or do you wait and think maybe it won't work. But think you were moving mountain before you knew you could. Now why would I say that??? For me I look at all my friends who insipre me and I think in my head you know what I can do what there doing I can be someone who inspires ones. So now I will believe in myself more. I am so lucky to be married to the love of my life, to have him support me all the time. To tell me Amanda I love you and I am happy to be your husband. To have a wonderful littel boy who loves his momma. Logan you are so special and make your momma proud everyday. You believe in me and I need to do better and believe in myself more. I am very lucky to be pregnant again. To have the chance to bring a new child into this world.  Trust me I know that there will be many changes that Stephen and I will have to make, but thats ok. I am so greatful for all of you who read my post and comment every week. You have no clue who much you inspire me and make me believe in myself. So I am pleased to tell you all that I have lost a total of five lbs in one month! some may say wow thats all, but think I am pregnant and honestly now trying to lose weight. I am just for once in my life doing thing right eatting right, walking everyday, even when I am tried and do not want to. I can't wait till I can get some Earth footware for I know they will strengen my legs more.  I am excited that we are eatting right as a family. My last pregnancy I lived on taco bell because it was something that I could keep down. I used many excusies to not move and to not eat right. You know what not this time around! I am making an effort to do myself and beleive in myself that I CAN DO IT! Well I will leave you with some new pictures of my family. Take care everyone till next time remeber if you believe in yourself anything cna happen!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Making it work

Well you know how last week I talked about making good choices, well this week it is all about making those good choices work. Like for example I have been teaching sixth grade math all last week and I had to take them to a feild trip to the zoo with the other teachers. Now where did we stop, but the one place that is so hard for me to not get some french frys! Thats right none other then McDonalds, well I knew that  I could either make a good choice or a bad one. As it came time for me to other I watched as all my fellow teachers order big meals with lots of fat and caroies. I knew I was in trouble, so I order a fruit and wallnut salad and a small grilled chinken wrap with no dressing, but on the side. I also got a water! I was shocked and amazed at how they all looked at me. I got my food and sat down and ate my food, I was even full that I didn;t finsh all the wrap! I laughed at everyone on the inside of  course because they keeped asking me are you sure that is all you want. I poliety told me I am good, but thank you for asking. As we laughed to finsh our time at the zoo, I had so much energy from the food I ate when I noticed the other teachers where more sloggies. So the moral of the story I made it work! I was able to eat at a nice place that I used to love and walk away feeling good about what i ate! I also was lucky that I brought me an Chiquita Bananna which are one of my faviorts snacks! Now I do not always make things work, I do fall, but you know what its ok. We all will fall, it is the matter of how we pick ourselfsup again that matters. Now look at Rachel, and Kim we are so lucky that we can learn through their sucesses and their weaknesses. But you see this is why they are the next Mamavation moms because they were so willing to let us see the real them! Now this is why Mamavation works so well because we are so willing to let others see our ups and downs. I thank you for that and letting me a part of you! I am excited to see you all sucesed and to get to your goals! I am there right with you cheering you on. Remember you can always count on me for anything just ask! Well that is all for this week! Until my next chapter keep doing what you do, and know this I am here for you! Love you all, Amanda

Saturday, April 17, 2010

good choices......

So honestly how many of you every week thinking ok the pasta or the grilled chicken? Or maybe its do I take a nap today or do wii fit? Well I make these choices every week! I have noctied thou a trend of good choices on my part will lead to one or two BAD choices! Why is that?? I have been thinking a lot on that. I mean come on once your on a roll it always seems that you fall down. Think of it this way.... You are a runner who has trained for a long time for tha one race you want to win, the day comes and you are running your hardest when all of the sudden someone passes you, you try hard to pass them back, but guess what you can't make it! You end up coming in second. Now what would you do stop running? You would be surprised how many do, they stop doing what they love to do because of one race. Now we all know twitter and we all love that we can win things on it. You try so hard to win a contest, you ask your friends for your votes for them to help you out. You do all you can do when they day comes to see who has won! You wait for your name to be called when..... you do not hear your name, but someone elses! What do you do??? Do you quit, throw a fit, talk bad about the contest??? Well guess what so many people do! HOnestly why do we do that? Well I think the real reason is because we are not all in it to win it. Like last week for me, I had a hard week trying to eat right and exerise every day, but this week I took how crapy I felt and turned it around. I am not going to let one bad week rule my life. I WILL NOT LIVE MY LIFE ON ONE BAD AND WRONG CHOICE! Now I could go all church on you and say this: Think about it this way, God So loved the World that he gave his only begotten son. That whoso ever believe in him shall not parish but have every lasting life. Now does it say that God only loves those who believe in Christ?? Nope he loved us all so much that he gave his son to us. I honestly have known so many people who have asked DID GOD MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE? Yes he did!
Now back to the bad choices you have made, there is still time to turn around and make good choices! If you ate something bad work harded the next time that choice comes up and eat something better. If you didn't win the race retry! Who knows you may come first next time. And finale if you did win that contest you wanted to, make it a goal to do better next time! Now I know all this sounds easier then what it can be, but guess what! By asking for help and more support from my family and friends I am now proud to say I have lost 3lbs by following my doctors orders to eat right, being healthy for the baby and I, and walking twice a day! Guess what guys I did not try to lose weight but it happened! Now yes this is safe for me and the baby! I have asked and my doctor and I are on the same page. So no getting mad at me for losing weight! LOL
But  honestly guys make good choices, never give up and know that so many people out there are here to help you! Also know there is still time to ask for forgiveness if maybe you have done something wrong.
I know that by helping each others make good choices, I am not only helping them, but myself as well! Till next week! All my love, Amanda
P.S. Start making good choices now by eating All Whites! Yummy I can't wait to get some to try! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Babys got back.....!!!!!!!!!

So as most of you know I got to go to the doctor for the very first time this week! I was so excited to be able to hear the heart beat of my little tadpole! Well when i got there I knew one that thing that would be told to me, that I need to watch my weight for I know I am over weight! I was happy to see that in ten whole weeks not one pound was gained! YEAH!!!!! Well the doctor was very happy with me! As he said you know what I am going to tell you! I smiled at him and said yes I know Dr. Bectol I am overweight and need to be very care about the weight I gain durning this pregnacy! He laughed at me and said "Hey that was my job to tell you that!" But after teh laughter I was a ready to hear my baby! I knew that last time I was pregnant its took a while for them to find the hearbeat so I knew it may be a while again. I was doing really good thinking postive thoughts when my doctors said lets do an ultrasound just to make sure everything is fine. I was getting scared when we found this!
Well yes for all you wondering that is a baby there! LOL I found out that I have a  retroflexed uterus. Now your all are probley like me and are think huh! Well that means that : the fundus is pointing backwards. Anterior of uterus is convex. So what does this mean for me well one thing I will start to show earlier then most women! LOL Also I will have nice back pains the whole pregnancy! Yes yes I am so lucky! But have now found that out it makes so much more sense why I have shape pains in my back during my last pregnantcy and I now understand why! I also found out that because of it it sits more on the bladder! Thank you gentics! I laughed really hard and thought any more bad news you want to tell me. But wait theres more. With an retroflexed uterus if your having twins you may not find out till the 15 week! LOL joys of joys!
But honestly it was a great appointment! I was told that if I was craving fast food to go eat at Subway! Now I think it is funny because Leah just did an interview with Jarod from Subway! Woo hoo! So anyone who has not gone and tried there new Egg White Muffin Melt, we cna both go together and see what it is all about! So I am going to go and try it out soon! I love eggs so I am excited!
Now on to some more news I have made a commitment to NOT gain any weight at all this pregnancy! I know it can be done, but I WILL NEED TONS OF SUPPORT! I mean I am thinking of it this way. As I was told by my doctor women who are obses and pregnant can go through a whole pregnancy and not gain any weight, and come out loseing any where from 10 to 25 lbs! When I heard that I thought no way! But it is true! The reason being is that if you are eatting right, exersicing everyday, your baby will take its food from your fat you already have. And your stomoc will just expland to fit baby and not all that new fat and junk you gave it! Then when you deliever or in my case have a c-section you will lose all that extra water, baby weight, and placenta weight! How great is that! You are taking care of yourself and your baby all at the same time. I know it will not be easy and will be tough at times, but I also know I can do it with all the support and help I can get!
Ok I am done for this week, and I am so excited to find our who is the next two moms! Love you all! Amanda

Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting into a groove!

I am happy to say that I think I am finale in a groove that I loved. My days so like this! I wake up anywhere from 8:00 to 8:30am. Or whenever Logan wakes me up. I then Make him and I some breakfast, then we get ready for our day!Its nice becuase Logan is now older enough where we just watches me work out, I mean yes he loves to "help" me and does a lot! Right now I have been working out o the wii a lot. I got the EA Active about two months ago and I am just now done with the 30 day challenege I had to remind my self at least five times er day to do it! But it is now done. I love the cardio Boxing the best and hope to get the more Active soon! I would tell anyone who works out to try it! I am also loving walking with Logan everyday! It is a nice treat for us both! Being outside just makes you feel all happy! I know this post is not long, but with moring sickness it has been a hard day! I want to let all the five mamavation moms finalist GOOD LUCK! I will be here for each one of you! Alright guys I promise a bigger post next week! Love ya all, Amanda

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I can go the Distance....

How many of you have seen the Disney movie Hercules? You know the movie of a man who thinks he is a zero, and wants to be nothing more then a hero. Along the course of this movie you see this young boy turn from a zero to a hero. How is that possible you say, well he had help from a man called Phil who whole life mission was to train Heros. Along the way Hercules is faced with many changes, nothing really came easy for this man. But he keeped going and by the end of the movie he became the hero he always wanted to be.
Now I know what your thinking what does this have to do with mamamavation? Well first off read the words of one of my fav. songs from the movie.
I have often dreamed
Of a far off place
Where a hero's welcome
Would be waiting for me
Where the crowds will cheer
When they see my face
And a voice keeps saying
This is where I'm meant to be

I'll be there someday
I can go the distance
I will find my way
If I can be strong
I know every mile
Will be worth my while
When I go the distance
I'll be right where I belong

Down an unknown road
To embrace my fate
Though that road may wander
It will lead me to you
And a thousand years
Would be worth the wait
It might take a lifetime
But somehow I'll see it through

And I won't look back
I can go the distance
And I'll stay on track
No I won't accept defeat
It's an uphill slope
But I won't lose hope
Till I go the distance
And my journey is complete
But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part
For a hero's strength is measured by his heart

Like a shooting star
I will go the distance
I will search the world
I will face its harms
I don't care how far
I can go the distance
Till I find my hero's welcome
Waiting in your arms...

I will search the world
I will face its harms
Till I find my hero's welcome
Waiting in your arms

Now can you see anything in that song that we do in Mamavation? If not let me tell you. How many of you have dreams to become healther? Or maybe to become stronger? How many of you hope to one day be the Hero for your family? Now reread the song lyrics again (go ahead I will wait :D)
Now tell me that this song is not about Mamavation! I have often dream of a far of place where everyone I meet will see me as a heathy mother! This road I am traving on is a unknown road for me and honestly I do not know my fate, or where it will take me. But on thing that I do know is it lead me to you. Yes you and you who are reading this post! You are the ones who are helping me become my own Hero! I like to think of Leah as my Phil, she is always keeping me in cheeck and making sure I am making right choices. You know what she doesn't have to, but she wants to!
Now so many of you women have the chance to become the next Mamavation mom, to become a hero like Katie, and Lisa just became. Yes ladies you are Heros! You are stornger now, which is what makes you my heros. I was going to join you women who are applying, but it is not in my cards. I am on a different road right now to become a mom again. Was it planned no, but it is the path I choose. I know that without a any doubt that you women who are applying can do it. And as the last bit of the songs say
"And I won't look back
I can go the distance
And I'll stay on track
No I won't accept defeat
It's an uphill slope
But I won't lose hope
Till I go the distance
And my journey is complete
But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part
For a hero's strength is measured by his heart"
You will never look back, you can go the distance! You will not accpet defeat, because you now its an uphill climb, but never lose that hope. You can go the distance. And when your journet is complete, always look behind the glory you have gotten, and remeber where you started out. That a realy hero know strength is measured in our heart!
I love you all and I feel so lucky to be a part of your jounreys you are starting and the jounreys that will take you to the distance to find the hero inside of everyone of you!
So I say grab your pair of Earth footware and start your jounrey! OK maybe we dod not all have earth footware, but you can! http://www.earthfootwear.com/
Grab your water bottle and drink it up!
More then anything know that our Phil AKA Leah is always there for you, to train you to become that hero you want to be!
I hope you all have a great week, and remember one thing YOU CAN GO THE DISTANCE!

Monday, March 22, 2010

what a week

So I am thinking that for some reason i would get off easy and not have morning sickness, well I was wrong! This week has been a very hard week. My body is craving chocolate and sweet items. I do not like that at all! I have been being a god girl and telling ti NO! But sometimes it is so hard when the only food that stayed down was that piece of dark chocolate I ate. I have been going back through my notes from Pete Cohan and tell myself to shut the duck up! Things have been much better now and I am eating better. I am trying to get out and walk everyday! I am proud of myself for doing it, even in the rain! I get to see the doctor in two weeks and I am excited to see my little one for the first time. I am so excited to tell him yes when he asked me if I eat right and exercise! I am so grateful for mamavation and honestly I tell everyone I know if they want to charge there lifestyle they need to check it out! I know that with out mamavation I would still be 25lbs heaver then what I am. That I would have a high risk pregnancy because I would not be walking and eating right. It is amazing to be how simple the change can be when we just put our minds to it, and have great friends to support you! Thank you so much for the support you have given me! Without I do not think I could of made it. Thank you for checking up on my and making sure I am ok. Everyone one of you mamavation ladies are wonderful and I am so lucky to call you my friends! Till next week I am out!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not planned!

After a week of being sick, and still not getting better I wonder what was wrong with me? So I just keep pushing the veggies and fruits! I finnaly was feeling better which was so nice when I noticed my tummy not feeling so great. I pushed it aside thinking it was nothing. Well I went to the health department to get my lady pills refilled and a pap. When I got there they alwasy asked you those funny questions that you just want to laugh at. NO my husband has never slept with a man who has taken drugs. Who comes up with these questions! Then they ask when was your last period I was thinking and honestly does anyone really remember that one! So I went to the room, and got all ready when they asked me if I would mine taking a pregnacy test. I kind of luaghed and say yes no problem. As I was waiting for the nurse to come back in, I just thought to myself there is no way I could be pregnant right? Well the nurse came in and said you will not be needing that pap and pills today. I looked at her funny, and she said "the line may be faint but its there. Your pregnant." I just started crying! I mean big time no stopping me crying! She looked at me and said come one lets go talk in my office. I took my time walking there and thought a baby in me no way this was not planned. I am just now getting healthy and losing weight. WHY NOW!!!! Then a feeling a peace came over me, and I knew that it would be ok. I walked into the office and found out I was almost six weeks pregnant and didn't even know! Heavenly Father works in ways we will never understand and I know that. As I drove home I was overwelmed with so many emotions, will I be able to handle both kids? Then I took a deep breath and I knew that it would be all ok! I will keep eatting healthy, drinking my water, and exersing everyday. I will do what I need to be healthy durning this whole pregnacy. I will keep walking everyday, I will make sure that I am playing with Logan and be his mother. These are the things that I will do, and keep doing the whole time with this baby. I am so excited for this baby, and I know that things will be hard, but Stephen, Logan, and I will be ok. We will welcome this baby into our home and hearts. I know that Logan will be a wonderful big brother, he loves his cousin Allie and I see that love in his eyes. I know that Stephen will get to school sometime and that when he does it will be hard, but we will get through it! I know that Stephen will make a great father again, for he already is to Logan, and I am so happy to be married for eternty to him. I know that i will have had days, and there will be times that I may not want to do things, but it will be ok. I know that I will be a great mother to this child, for I see the love that Logan has for me. These are the things that I know and I am so greatful to be given this chance to have this baby.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

baby steps......

OK so how many of you have seen the movie What about Bob? It stars Bill Murry as a man with OCD who has to do everything with baby steps! Now I do not have OCD, but I do understand baby steps.
So many times I am telling myself "Amanda baby steps to the five pound weight lose" "baby steps to the one mile walk" "baby steps to the food I buy" "baby steps to the food I cook" These are baby steps I have to take everyday in my life. One of my faviort quotes from What about Bob is "Baby steps to the bus" now if you know this moving it is Bob trying to get on a Bus for a first time and him rememebering that he needed to take it one step at a time to make it to the Bus.
This is how I feel right now in my life that I need to be taking those baby steps. This week I got really sick. I honestly thought at some point I would die because my body felt so bad. But taking those baby steps to the fridge to get my veggies and juice to eat. Baby steps to take a walk outside to get fresh air helped so much. I was still able to get in all of my 8 serveing of fruits and veggies everyday even with being sick, it is what my body craved. I found that to be funny, because I thought I would want someone else, but nope I eat so much fruits and veggies. I took those small baby steps and felt better.
So I ask you how many of you are you taking Baby Steps or taking Big Steps???? This is why I love Mamavation because it has taught me to take my baby steps. I did take a big step and said I will lose weight and I am losing it, but it has to be little baby steps as well. Thank you so much everyone for supporting me and be there for me. I am so proud to be a mamavation sista! Till next week! Amanda