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Sunday, November 28, 2010

3 weeks

I know I am a little behind but things have been so busy with Spencer. He is such a good baby. I can not believe that he is here, there are many times I just stare at him and think how lucky we are to have him. Heavenly Father truly places our children to us when we need them I am a firm believer on that. Logan is handling this change so well he is always wanting to play with baby he knows his names but chooses to call him baby! He is a great big brother and it makes me so happy to see my boys together. This week was thanksgiving a time where we think about all we are thankful for. I have so many things. My wonderful husband who is so willing to do whatever needs to be done to provide for our family. A great son Logan who is so willing to love his brother and be a great "help". and for Spencer who is reminding me everyday to take the time to let your children be little. He is helping me to see all the good things in this world to look at the postive. So many things have happened. Spencer is now 8.3 lbs and is 20 1/4 inches long. He is opening his eyes and staying awake longer which is so great. He is drink great, and is honestly a very easy baby. I guess with this being my last he needed to be. I am doing great have lost a total of....... 21lbs! I went into the hospital weighing 245 and now weigh 224, still have 25 more pounds to lose before I am under 200 but like we all know I am taking it 5lbs at a time. I am able to walk a litle bit longer each day, and I am feeling better as well. Just taking it nice and easy. I thank veryone you for your prayers and support. I love you all. Will be writting long post later! and umm would love to win Dr.Lynn new book because I just ahd a babya dn would love to feel sexy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baby Spencer

Well here I am sitting down to write you all about Spencer's birth! As I am writing this my little man is sleeping. And my big boy is watching Spongebob. I have been having high blood pressure as all you know, so my doctor had a big test to see if Spencer was ready to be born. After getting the ok that he was the doctor thought it was best to take him early then the 16th. I was scared and excited. Monday morning came around and I had to be at the hospital by 5:00 am. I was not able to sleep at all, when it was time to go we all guessed how big the baby would be. As we got to the hospital and I was being prepped for the C-Section I was very excited. As they wheeled me into the OR I was thinking soon I would be able to hear the sweet cry of my baby. Now as you all know we had four ultrasounds that said we were having a little girl as I was so prepared with tons of pink! As the doctor was opening me up, it took longer because of all the scar tissue lefted from my first c-section. Most of the time you only have a four inch, but I had to be cute almost 9 inches to get pass off the scar tissue. Now take in mind the whole time my doctor was joking with us we where having a boy just to ease the fact that it was taking longer. The time came for them to pull out our baby. Now I wish you could of heard the doctors when they pulled him out and out came a boy. the shock in everyone voices and my husband face. I did not believe them at all until Stephen confirmed it. Now I have to tell you I was shock! Not disappointed at all! My questions where being asked and I was not able to answer anything. It was not until I saw my little Spencer that i know my family was complete! I was meant to have a boy and not a girl. The moment they brought Spencer to Stephen and he got to hold him I knew it was all ok. I was able to kiss him before they lefted to do all the weighing and measuring. As I was getting sewed back up i had tons of time to just think. Why did we never see his penis, why where we meant to think we where having a girl? Why did I get some many pink things! I had no answer until later when I hold Spencer in my arm for the first time, I honestly felt complete. Spencer was born at 7:28 am, weighing 7lbs and 6 oz and 19.6 inches long. He is very sweet and only cries when he is wet, or needs to eat. He is sleeping already three hours a time between feedings, just a great little boy. Now how did we not know he was a boy, this is where the story is funny. The reason it would always show a girl and not a boy is because the cord was wrapped around his penis thus only showing the cord. This is only a 1% chance that it happened anymore. I laughed because if it was going to happen to anyone it would to us! Now my biggest thing was he would have no clothes! But my wonderful mommy went and got and exchanged all of it for cute little boy clothes! I am doing ok, very sore and very tried, but I am taking it easy and listening to the doctors orders. Thank you all for your prayers, we have really felt them and they have really helped. Here are just a few pictures I will upload more later. Love you all, the odairs

Monday, November 1, 2010

the good the bad and the crazy!!!!!!

Well the time has come again for an update this blog are getting shorter because well one I have no energy to write adn two I am in a funk. I have been in and out of teh doctors more times then I would of wanted to, and honestly it stinks. I know that being pregnant is hard and trust em I am so greatful for being able to last as long as I am. So I guess it is time for teh updates. I have been gaining anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs of water weighta  week, it comes and goes and always leaves me. That was the first sign I noctied of HBP. I noticed the swelling next one of my legs always looks so fat! It is kind of funny you can press down on teh leg and the fingers inductions stays. Next I started having bad headaches follower by dizzyness and spots. So to teh doctor I go I get there and yep protien in urin and yep bp was 145/109 justa  little high, so they have me lay on left side till doctor comes and it was not down, we looking at my chart and seeing that my bp has been high for three weeks, he order me to bed rest I was able to go walking a little to help with the swelling So tomorrow tuesday I go in at 3:00 for a full three hour test! Yeah so excited lol! It will be a NST, ultarsound, amnio test, and bp montioring. If everything comes back all clear then more thne likly we will be havinga  a baby sometimes this week, or as early as next week. It is all precautions as we have no NICU where I am deliveing at and the last thing they want is a premiee baby. All in all I am ok just tyring to keep my head up and think postive. i know I am not on alot and that ahs to do with trying to resta dn get stuff ready for teh baby. Know I am here thining of you all. I promise I will be abck soon, Amanda