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Monday, June 28, 2010

if your happy and you know it........

Well the time has come once again to write you all. Well this week has been one of ups and downs, but then again I am pregnant! I am half way there 20 weeks now! It is honestly crazy to think that it has gone this fast already. It was this time last pregnancy that I was put on bed rest because of high blood pressure, I am a little scared and nervous for my appointment on Thursday to find out the sex of the baby and to see if my blood pressure is ok. I know that I have done things so different this time and honestly I am so happy for that, Be active even with it being 101 outside has been wonderful! Now I am just hoping for that through the rest of my time. I have been praying and asking for it! My wonderful sister in law told me its ok to pray and ask for things like your baby being healthy, not a crier, and maybe not as busy as your first, but be prepared if the Lords answer is no! (thanks Kristy) So I pray for health and strengh and for that little one will be healthy! Thank you all for your thoughts and I am sorry if I am not on all the time and a little distracted I am just trying to be there more for Logan and Stephen before Stephen starts school! Know I love you all and think of you often! Amanda

Monday, June 21, 2010

summer time

Its crazy to me to think that summer is really here, it only seems like yesterday that we were plating our graden adn waiting for some things to grow. Now it it is full blown hot and it is not even july or Aug. yet! Logan has been doing well and now that Stephen starts nursing school soon, it has been great! The pregnancy has been doing better now taht I do not feel like I have to puke 24/7. Also feeling teh baby move is always a nice thing, I have been able to not gain any weight back from the15 lbs I have lost. I honestly feel good walking which is nice. Summer nights are a great time for Stephen, Logan and I to take the stoller out and just walk. We walk about a mile almost every night. It is nice to be active adn have that feeling knowing I am keeping my promise and being healthy. Now I am not looking forward to the 100 degree weather and may be more in doors, but now it is nice outside. I know this is a short blog, but i am writing this as I watch logan running around the living roomm being a dragon! Till next time! Amanda

Sunday, June 6, 2010

feeling better

Its so funny that once I hit 16 1/2 weeks how much better I have been starting to feel. I have some more energy and keeping food down. I went to the doctors on thursday and found out that I am doing good and right where I need to be with my pregnancy. I did found out I have lost a total of 15 lbs because of my sickness with this little baby. But I am more healthier now! I am doing every right I need to be I work out by walking and useing my Ea active, which I love! Kickboxing rocks! I have made an appointment for July 1st to find out what we are having. Its so funny with Logan deep down inside I knew what I was having, with this one, no clue! One thing that I do love with this pregnancy is how diferent I feel just by making a few changes, like eatting right, walking everyday, and making sure I am not over eatting. I am not using food as my out this time, I am not going to let myself get into that funk I put myself into with Logan. I will ask for help and not be scared to asked for help. its funny to me that I did not see this with Logan, that by a little bit of postiveness you can do so much more. I love that so many of my friends are pregnant as well, I feel that we will all help each other. I know these have not been long, but I am tried and have a little boy all over me. Know I am praying for you all, and I am here for you! Love you all, Amanda

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunny days

Don't you just love the summer weather! I know I do, but with teh sunny weather can come those not so nice stormy days. Well my week felt like a big storm! Started out on sunday Logan got pink eye, nice, then strep thoart went around the family. Then I have been sick for almost two weeks, with a tummy bug. Like I said love those nice summer days full of sun and a nice breeze! Its ok, things always seem to get worse then better. I feel like I need a break a vaction or something! This pregnancy even though I am so much healther is kicking my trash! Its ok thou because I know I can do it, and it is so worth it for my little one inside of me. Logan is now coming to my belly and kissing it and saying baby! He is way to sweet. A quick story on Logan I got sick and neeed to throw up when Logan came to teh bathroom concerned cried momma and brought me the bottle of Malox! What a sweet boy. He is growing up like crazy and love the pool Or (bath) as he has outside. know I am here, just been so tried and sick to do a lot. Love you all! Amanda