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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

when life gives you lemons make OJ!!!

No really how many times are you given a task or maybe a challenge in life and it seems like every happeneds and you are not able to complete it in the way you want to? Well latly in my life it seems this to be the case. I have noticed a trend that everytime I am doing good or things are good in my life something happeneds to knock me back down to where I was. Now I know that these things happen to us all which is why I wonder How many of us get back up? I know that I have to always remind myself Amanda it could be worse there are many other people who have it bad compared to you. Now this does not always work and sometimes I just want to have a pitty party, but I will say that by making my lemons into something even if its not what I thought I wanted it to be I am able to get through my day a little better. I know that I am not perfect and have a long ways to become it, but its nice when you can look and see the real you the one others see. I look at my son a lot and notice that he takes after many of my traits, he is over dramaic which I am, he fights sleep, again me, and more then anything he cries when he doesn;t get his way. It makes me laugh to see a mini me. He looks like me and now he is acting like me. Now not all of my traits are bad he loves veggies and will eat them over meat. He loves to give hugs and comfort people who are crying. He is a perfect example of what I should be like. He plays outside everyday runs, jump, bikes, then he gets  a wholesome lunch takes a two hour nap and is ready to play again. I have been thinking if I was to only do what he does I would be much more healthier so I have tried it. I got up ate a good breakfast, went outside and played with him. Ate lunch took a nap and played some more. I never felt so good yet so tried in my life! Man no wonder he is in good shape, but it made me think, I need to be more active. Its funny I thought I was going well until I noticed how hard it was for me to walk the whole store of walmart shopping. I cringed thinking about pushing logan in a stroller in a mall! So what can I do to improve, well first off I am going to make sure I am walking again EVERYDAY! I am making my mom go with me and useing her diabetes as an exsuce to make her come with me. I am going to pass on foods I don;t need, even though I am pregnant it is no reason to pig out. I am going to make sure I am drinking my water. And more then anything I am going to take those lemons those task that just seem to never go away and make something of them! I know that if I do this I will have the best five more weeks before this little girl comes. I know that I will be in a place to take care of her and my son. Till next time know I am here and love you all, Amanda

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well its that time again to update everyone on hows it going in the Odair household. First off, Logan got a new big boy haircut! I cried a little seeing his curls leave him, but boy does he look so cute and more like a little boy now. I can not believe he is almost 2 and 1/2 the time sure does pass! Stephen is doing great in LPN school he is loving all the work he has to do. I am not sure if I am loving it as much seeing he is gone most of the day and night, but it is so nice to see this change in him. He is now thinking of going to PA school, yeah I said great so how much longer will that be. He said maybe by teht ime I am 40 we will be done with school! lol
Now an update on the baby and the pregnancy. Things here have been well stressed to say the least. I have been having lots of concactions, and honestly all the signs of preclampcia like I had with Logan. I have been having bad headaches, being dizzy, feet swollen just by walking a block or two, and seeing spots. I knew the signs and choose this time to not ignore any of them. By doctor is wonderful!!!! He has told me time and time again do not screw and that if I think anything is happening I need to call his office and if it is after hours to not be scared to call the L&D nurse and ask questions. As he said they are paid to listen to us pregnant women! I went in on Thursday for my 32 week check up and everything was great with the baby. Heart rate 159 to 162 and also I am measuring a week ahead which he says is a good thing. I love how you get all the good news before the bad comes. First off my blood pressure was high! 138/94 now they did have me lay on my left side for five mins and it changed to 130/84 now I can not always lay on my left side, but it was ok. I mean so many things are different I am healthy which is number one for me! I have not gained any weight in fact I have lost weight. I walked everyday, eat right (ok I still crave those darn french frys and have some but hey they are my weakness and I am pregnant) I make sure I am drinking my water (even if it makes me pee) and more then anything I have changed the way I think! Honestly attitude is something that has to come when you are making a change. I never once have said I can not do this, instead I have a note that tell me everyday I can do this. I know it is tough and I know that I will fail sometimes, but its ok, with every fall there is a chance to be picked up and that is why we are such stronger people for trying to keep news things and goals in our life's. So what does this mean for me, well first off I am not able to pick up Logan anymore. I have to let others do that 28lbs is too much weight for me. I can hold two gallons of milk at a time and really that is all. I have to watch for signs that show early labor, and high blood pressure. I have to be willing to ask for more help, but more then anything it means that I have to be willing to take control and to keep this little girl inside of me as long as I can. It can and will be done!!!! Asking for help is one of my many weakness, but with others help this little girl may be small, but she will be able to come home with mommy and daddy this time. Trust me there is nothing worse then being wheeled out of the hospital with congrats balloons and flowers, but no baby! That is not a choice this time! We are going to do whatever it takes even if that means I have to lay on my left side all day! lol I want to thank everyone in the MAMAVATION world who have bene there for me. You know who you are. You are truly inspiring people and I am so lucky to have you! Also if you are looking for a life change apply to be the next mamavation mom! Take the chance and let mamavation help you the way it has helped so many others. Talk to other moms out there and see the change. Look at Lisa and Rachel who get to run in New York with Leah and Jarod from subway!!!! Come on that can be you!!! Know that no matter what we are here for each other. One reason mamavation can live and support so many women is because we are willing to help each other out. Reach out to your sisters online, talk to them when you are having a bad or good day. Talk to them to help you make a healthy choice. I know I have many times. Be willing to take that next step, and also find the ones who have fallen away and help them come back. Let them know that you are there for them. Sometimes all it takes is one friend to help someone through there day. I love you all so much! The tears I cry for you are tears of joy. You will be seeing a LOT more of me on twitter now as I have to keep it easy. But even with that I will not gain weight I will keep the promise I have made to myself and my daughter. Know you all loved and thought of often, till next week.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A day of fun

So things here have been so crazy that sometimes I am wondering if I am breathing. Knowing that our new baby could be coming in as little as six weeks, has really gotten to me. I have noticed more and more how much we need to get things ready. I just got her crib up was excited about that. But I have been thinking a lot about how Logan is going to handle it once she comes? Will he be excited, upset, or just not care??? I have also been thinking I need to make sure I am getting as much time in with Logan as I can. So on Saturday we went to Carthage MO, to the Precious Moments Chapel. The drive is only an hour away, and it is a free to get in. The drive was nice expect for all those dang BH concrations. Honestly I can not drive more then 30 mins without getting them. It started to rain on our way, but we said a little rain does not hurt anyone. By the time we got there it was nice and sunny again. As soon as we got there we got Logan stroller out and started inside. The one nice thing is that most of it is outside so I knew I would be getting my walking in. It was so beautiful there. I have always had a love for precious moments and was excited to share it with my husband and son. Logan was a little unsure of them at first. He kept close to us when we enter the chapel, but that only lasted about five mins before he was out of daddy's arms and running around! I love the peace that comes when you are there. You can see the love the artist has for heavenly father and its nice to see. After we got done we let Logan run around outside and man I started to noticed two things first, I am really pregnant, and second how much harder it is to walk a long distance. I laughed when I thought in my head man my stroller is almost like my walker. At one point I was thinking I am sure glad I am heather this time around because I am not sure I would of made it back up those stairs! The rest of the day was wonderful. I had a nice chicken salad for lunch and some water with lemon. The amazing thing was that I walked away feeling great! I was so happy that everything was better this time and that I am in a place where I am proud of myself. I have so many people to thank, but the person I wanted to thank right now would be my husband. He has been a support this whole time, ate craving with me when all I wanted was carrots and hummus, He has helped me make good choices, and keep me on a path I wanted to be on. Here are some pictures of this weekend. P.S. Chef request looks so yummy! I would love to have some!

Monday, September 6, 2010

30 weeks

This week marks the 30th week being pregnant. So many thoughts are going through my head. First off this time with Logan I was so sick and have already gained 25 lbs. Next this marked the week they think Logan stopped growing inside of me the way he was to. This was also teh week we found out we would have a peemie baby. My husband losted his job, and we honestly where stuck! Now with all of that being said it is so different this time around. Yes my husband is not working but one day a week, but we are moved in with my parents! We have a healthy son who only shows two signs of being early, two out of 150 that there could be not that bad! I haev only gained a total of 5lbs this whole time, but with that being said I also lost 20 lbs so really not weight gain. I have a communty of women who I am so lucky to be a part of who help me everyday! So I feel so bless to be healthy, happy, and honestly home with family. Don't get me wrong my sister was only 4 hours a way, and I was so lucky to have you Kristy there in the same town. Its been nice having a mommy here this time knowing she will get to see little Annalyse when she is born, that my husband will be there and there will be no stress! Ok I know there will be some, but not like last time. I am in a very different mind then I was last time. It is crazy that I am not taking an depression pills at all, I know its because I am healthy and walking! With taht bieng said there are tons of things that still ahev to happened! Have I metion we have no car seat! I do also know that my little girl will have one before she comes home! These are things I know and so greatful being blessed with. Thank you to everyone who have been my support while I have been pregnant. You all know who you are. I am excited to be moved in and ready to talk to everyone again. Know how much I love you all! KNow I am here even when I am quite! So really THANK YOU MAMAVATION! Without you I wouldn't be where I am. I am a very lucky women! Love you, Amanda
p.s. to all my friends far away who have asked I am registered at Babies r us under Amanda ODair