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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lions, and Tigers and Bear oh my!

Hello all who come in for a chance to read my blog. I can not tell you how much it makes me feel having you all read it. But enough of the I could cry write now stuff, I want to talk about us! This week has been a very blue week for me. It all started when i saw my blood pressure and it was 145/95 I freaked out how could that be so high! I have been eating right ok, I did have those homemade french Fry's but they were so good and saying "Eat me Amanda" So I did eat them, not very many, but some. I walked this week, but its hard because it is always in the triple digits and I feel like crap afterwards so I have been sticking to inside. My TMJ has been flaring up and that has made eating not that fun! All in all I have been in a blue blue mood. Kind of like the Lion from the wizard of oz. I am the type of person who can hind a bad day so easily, my whole life I have faked a smile when I needed to! But now I think of my sisters, my friends, and my family and wonder why do I do that? What is the point of putting on a fake face to someone. So for that my dear friends I am sorry. So what made me cheer up this week, but my son wonderful silly smile! Here take a look and see what i mean!

Its funny to me how simple a smile can be! Think about it when someone smiles at you, you do what, smile! Its one of those strange facts of life!  When you smile you have endorphins just coming out of your whole body, so maybe we need to smile a little bit more. Go have some fun, wash the car together as a family, or sit down and read a book together. As soon as I let myself not get so down and blue, things started to get better! Just like eating right makes you feel better!
If we all are just willing to except that we will have bad days as well as good ones, we will be able to make it that Emerald city in no time! Congrats to Jenny, and Jess who are rocking it out!!!! You guys are doing great!

Monday, July 19, 2010

what a week

I love Birthday! You know its always nice to be able to celebrate that date with others. A day that is for that person! Well honestly i like to just celebrate things. My old roommate and I would celebrate anything, happy half birthday your almost old! We just liked having parties. Well I have been thinking of things and wondering why we don't celebrate more things in our lives. Like the time you passed on dessert, or the time you said no to that extra serving. Instead we look at things that happened that are bad. Oh my I ate two piece of toast this morning instead of one, I am so bad and need everyone to know that I was bad. But why do we do that? Why do we beat ourselves up so much. Here's what I mean, I haven't gained anything this pregnancy and have lost a total of almost 25 lbs, then this last week some how weight has been pored on me, I noticed I gained 3lbs in two whole weeks! I was so depressed and thought why did it happened yes I did have those cookies and chocolate cake but a birthday. I honestly got myself down because of it and thought wow I am so fat now. Then my wonderful husband reminded me something honey you are pregnant which is not a reason to gain tons of weight, but you knew it would happen. I said a quick prayer and thanks heavenly father for giving me a healthy pregnancy and have now let it go! I have thought why was it I was so upset and have noticed it was because we are always so bent to make ourselves hate when we do something bad. But I think we need to celebrate more the times we do good things, or the time we do something bad but make it better. If we are willing to do that then think about how much greater we will feel about ourselves! So never time you do something your proud of celebrate!
Love you all,
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

independence day..........

Every time I hear the word independence I think of so many things..... One thing is freedom of speech. Most who know me know I love to talk. Honestly growing up I was told i could take about anything! That is still true today! Also I love giving speeches I was that weird child growing up who enter into speech contest and wanted to see if I have won. Now I have a son who loves to talk as well, he is so much like his mommy its crazy! Next thing I think of is freedom of Religion. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints has been a blessing in my life, and I know that without hat freedom we may not have the church! Next I think of the men and women who are willing to honestly lay down there life's for protecting us and our great nation! One more thing I think of is my right to be healthy or fat. I know that my life has been up and down with my weight, I am not the same girl I use to be. With that being said I have always had the choose to decided what I wanted to look like and how I was going to be able to get to the place I wanted. Growing up I was skinny I was after the girl who had stick arms and legs and boobs. lol But then I hit middle school and my life changed, I was never fat, but never where I used to be. I still was made fun of in high school but this time for different reasons. It wasn;t Intel I went to college where I had some great roommates that helped me see who I really was. That I didn;t have to hid myself behind the fact that I was bigger. I met a great man in college who showed me that he loved me because of who I am and not just for what I looked like. Now I am not the same girl when he married me, I am a 30 lbs more girl, but he still loves me. I have taken this pregnancy as a way to make myself not fall back into where I used to be. I am making right choice, walking, doing wii fit which is honestly fun. My sister just got a pool and it was so nice to swim in it. I may be there more then she wants me to be! lol But honestly without this freedom we have there would be no way we could do what we do everyday. We would give up when we made a wrong choice or maybe even be punished for it. So I am thankful for my friends who are there for me, who help me through good times, and most inmportanly the bad times. I am thankful that I can blog like this and not feel like I will be shot. So thank you to the men who made it possible for us to live in a free country! God bless the USA and all of you!
OK here are some pictures of me I am 22 weeks! I feel so huge! lol enjoy!