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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Move

I wanted to write a quick post as I know you are all worried about me (right). I have been in the process of moving back into my moms and dads house. I always find it funny that everything that can go wrong does! Take how easy it should of been to sort through items to sale, keep, and put in storge. That should of been an easy thing right>>>> NOPE WRONG! I spent way to many days trying to find items, then it was time for the yardsale before I was even ready! BUt I am very greatful for my mom and dad who helped us with it! Next it has been so hard to find time to walk this past week, everytime I have tried someone and something wnet wrong. I have been sick for almost a week! I mean come on you honestly should be able to eat food when your pregnant right?? LOL No really we are almost all moved in and then I will be back to my normal 9as normal as it cna be living with parents) life. I miss you all so much, but I wanted you to know I was not dead! I promise pictures and more next week! Till then Amadna

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Water and sugar everywhere!

Now I know this is a weird title of a post, but please wait and you will see why I titled it this way!
So living in oklahoma I have always said that the air is so humid its like taking a sticky shower everywhere! Humid is a way of live, we live and breath it in the summer months and pray for cooler weather! This week it has been so bad! I honestly haven't been able to get outside as much as I wanted to because of it. I walked to my moms on Thursday and Friday morning at 8:00 to go to work (side note I am now helping my mom run her preschool/ daycare) and man oh man I was so tried, nasty, and wet by the time I made the six block walk! SIX BLOCKS THAT WAS ALL! LOL Now Logan loved the walk and so did baby (Annalyse yes that will be our little girl name) She did not kick me the whole time, so I thought she is already a stroller walker! When I got there I was so ready for a big glass of water, yes I did take water with me but it was warm by the time I got to the house. I opened the fridge to get Logan some milk and then I saw it! That wonderful sugar smell of known other then... KOLAID!!!!!! I haven't drank that in forever it seemed like, but I wanted and thought I needed that sugar. So I  closed the fridge and thought no Amanda go get your water! So I got a huge glass and put lemon juice in it thinking that will crave my sugar. Nope it didn;t ten mins later there I was in front of the fridge again thinking do I or do I not! Now I knew it was bad when I said well (baby Annalyse has not been kicking that much so the sugar would help her!) So I gave in and pored me a glass, as I went to drink it my two year old walked in and said no momma mine! I laughed because he was right is not for mommy, but for Logan so I gave him a quick drink and poured the rest down the sink! Guess what after that I did not crave it anymore! I was laughing thinking sometimes it takes a two year old to remind me that I do not need that sugar!
I have to tell you that all you ladies are wonderful this week will be more of an active week, I start work on Monday and I am so excited to walk there on Friday's! It will be a great time and I know that everything is where it is to be! I love you all so much! Please message me if you need anything! I am here it may take me a few days to get to you, but I do care!
On a side note, if you all could [ray for my little family it would be great. We are having to move back in with my parents while Stephen finishes Nursing school, with him only working one or two days a week, and me not able to work we are not going to have the money to be on our own. I have been having a tough time with this, but I know it is for the best!
Congrats to Jenny and Lisa for doing so good with this campaign, and to Christlikemommy for being SOTW!
Also THANK YOU BOOGIE WIPES AND LEAH for sponsoring this week! I love me some boggiewipes! Till next week may the light of Heaven shine down in your life's!
XOXO Amanda

Monday, August 9, 2010

Walking my butt off in New York!

Hello All my lovely mom! How I have missed you all on twitter, facebook, and IRL. As most of you know I went to blogher for four full, fun, tried day! I honestly only used a taxi or shuttle four times the whole time I was there! I loved the way everyone walks, it didn't matter what size you where you just walked everywhere! I knew I would love a few pounds, but never in my life did I think 5! I mean being pregnant I thought I would be ok, and not get as tried as some said, but man I was! I ate good food there and made very good choices! I just made it a top choice of my to eat right! I mean yes I was on Vacation, but I really did;t need that extra cookie! I got to meet so many amazing women there and walked away with tons of new friends! I was so so so happy to finally meet LEAH! When you get the chance meet her! She is honestly such a kind caring women who loves us all. She is always striving to help everyone out, (and honestly guys she was super busy!!!) I loved being her helper and will do it again in a heartbeat! Now ladies New York was CRAZY! I honestly thought I would die or give birth in the back seat of a taxi every time! Which is why I walked. Here's a little story for you all I was able to go to tons of party's and find friends everywhere, but one party was 15 blocks away, I did not want to spend the money for a taxi so I walked there with some others. I loved the laughs and comments of come on guys the pregnant women is out walking us! If any of you knew my sister Alisa you would know she ALWAYS speed walks, I thought of all the times I would tell her that, and thought wow I am now the person leaving them all in the dust! I know that with out Mamavation, I would of been the lazy people who rode the taxis the whole time, but I wasn't! I learned tons about myself and what I can really do. I am so thankful for all you ladies who help me daily! You all know who you are. And Lori which by the way is giving away free Avon this week (would love to win that hint hint) I took your spot of being Leahs gal, not sure if I did a good enough job, but it was nice! Trust me ladies if a six month pregnant women can walk 30 blocks so can you! I honestly did leave my buns in New York City! 
P.S. Sorry sis I looked everywhere for Glenn he was no where!  

Monday, August 2, 2010


I was watching one of my fav. movies Hope floats! If you don;t know the movies it follows Sandra Bullucks charter as she moves back home after being humiliated by her husband and best friend on tv. This movie is just the type of movie that you just want to watch over and over again as she fall for none other then harry connick jr. Hello hottie! But back to my point as I was watching this movie I noticed how many times they told her to smile. But it made me think how many times do we smile? So then I thought how many times do I tell myself good job? Not very many! So starting this week I have a little chart by my computer where it says tell yourself your are great! And you know what I am doing it! So I am telling you all put a note by your computer and tell yourself your great it honestly will change the way you think about yourself! I will see some of you at blogher so excited! Know that I am tried, but always here for you all! And know you are all SPECIAL! Love you all, Amanda