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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Logan and Christmas Lights

Logan loves loves loves Christmas lights so much! He was like that last year and this has been just the same. I love seeing his face light up with the pure joy and excitment of the lights. So daddy took some rope lights and like last year hung them around his bed so here is a picture of it and a video of him talking to daddy about his lights!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Logan and his Poppy!

Logan loves his Poppy very much. He can get him to do almost anything for him. Well one day he was wanting to outside really bad and I kept telling him no because it was raining. He was not happy with that answer so he went and found his poppy who took him out!

Logans first birthday

Yes I know its Nov. but here it is anyways! The day started out so nice.... not! It was wet and raining and not fun at all! I was so worried that Logan's day would be ruined, but Stephen kept telling me to clam down and it would all work out. The rain did stop! The family came and here are some pictures! Logan loved the fun, but wasn't too sure why everyone was looking at him all the time and saying Happy birthday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Logan Walking

Well I thought I need to up loads some videos of Logan walking, he is only 11 months old and walking all over the house! I thought crawing was bad, but walking is worse so many more bumps and brusies. It is so sweet watching him walk he is so little. I am so proud of my little boy!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marshmellow Boy!

Last week before Alisa, April, Mom, and I lefted for a scrapbooking weekend, My dad and I were talking in the kitchen while Logan was playing on the floor. Well we look over and Logan had pulled off the highchair a bag of marshmellows and before we knew it the were all over the floor and Logan was attacking them all. My dad went to clean them up and I said no so I can take a picture of what he was doing!


Easer Sunday this year was very very wet and rainy so we were only able to have a easter lunch after church at my Grandma and Grandpas house. This is the whole family here. Note Logan is crying he was not happy about taking a picture, my brother in law Elton is hiding behind his littler daughter so he would not be in the picture, yes that is Stephen lookin like a gangster, and yes my dad does have on a grich chirstmas shirt.
Yes that is me and yes I did back a nipple into the cake!

The next day for family home evening we had a easter egg hunt and a hot dog roast at my ganrdparents. Logan had a bad case of trush??, so he was not just a happy boy. We had a good time seeing him get the eggs and we can not wait for next year.

I am so happy to have at least one picture of Logan and I. Cause we all know as moms we do not get very many pictures of us with our children.
I love this picture of Logan and his cousins from left to right Elton, Brigham, Levi, and Shaylee. They made sure Logan was able to hunt some easter eggs as well. How sweet!
These too pictures are so sweet he loved holding the eggs!
Boys being boys!
All of the familt together so nice and happy!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

candy boy part 2

I forgot the viedo here it is!

Candy Boy

In Stephens and I bedroom we have a box of candy, some is as old as Halloween. We thought it was time to go through it and throw away the candy that was really old. We look over and see Logan with a candy necklace in his hands it was so cute so instead of taking it way, we let him keep it to get some pictures and this video. What we do to stage good pictures!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sickness yucky yucky poo poo

Ok so first off I think that children should not be able to throw up untill they can clean it up themself.....
No really for the past three weeks, we have had so much sickness hit our family. My dad came home from Utah sick which in return got me so sick. At one point I felt like I was going to die because I could not breath out of my nose, but my nose was running like a sink how that works I am not quite sure. Then just when I think I am over it, what happens, but I get even more sick.
Now most of you know that Logan was born way early and because of it he does not have the best immune system. He catches everything and most of the time he gets better quickly, but two weeks later three trips to the doctors and one to the ER my little boy is finally better.
So I am hopeing everyone else is better then we are. All I can say is that I am so happy that we have doctors who can help us, and of course a worthy husband who holds the pristhood.
Anyway no more complaining for me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


eight months ago I had this wonderful little boy who only weighed in at 4lbs and 11oz, and 18" long. The doctors told us that he may not make it and to remember that when we see him. When I first saw Logan he looked like this
Now he is 18 lbs and 28" long he is crawing , eating, and playing like a big boy. We still have our problems with him such as he has to have breathing treatments at least once a week for his lungs, he had a harder time then most babies learning how to use his hand and some more develment issuse, but other then that he is a strong heathy baby boy who you would never know was almost eight weeks early.