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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marshmellow Boy!

Last week before Alisa, April, Mom, and I lefted for a scrapbooking weekend, My dad and I were talking in the kitchen while Logan was playing on the floor. Well we look over and Logan had pulled off the highchair a bag of marshmellows and before we knew it the were all over the floor and Logan was attacking them all. My dad went to clean them up and I said no so I can take a picture of what he was doing!


Alisa said...

I have pictures of Levi doing the same thing! Except he was older and pulled a chair over to the counter and got those marshmallows! I love that memory so I'm glad you put this on your blog.

Gary, Kristi, Adi, Robby said...

Lucky boy! I love the pictures. What a funny little guy.