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Sunday, May 17, 2009

candy boy part 2

I forgot the viedo here it is!


Lauryn Moon Donat said...

I updated my blog, too!! Baby Logan is such a cutie. He looks like such a gangster with the necklace and the candy out of his mouth... like he's smokin a cig. what are you teaching him out there in OK? You seriously need to start answering your phone. I know you're not dead bc of the blog, but I was starting to worry. Anyway, miss you, love you, blah blah blah. peace!

Jordon and Wendi said...

oh, he is just too cute, and my how he has grown!

Gary, Kristi, Adi, Robby said...

I love it. He's getting so big though. I wish I could come see him all the time. I can't believe last time I held him he was barely 5 pounds.

Ethridge Fam said...

wow what a cutie. he is getting so big. you guys need to make a trip to utah soon so we can see you all. we miss you.