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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Candy Boy

In Stephens and I bedroom we have a box of candy, some is as old as Halloween. We thought it was time to go through it and throw away the candy that was really old. We look over and see Logan with a candy necklace in his hands it was so cute so instead of taking it way, we let him keep it to get some pictures and this video. What we do to stage good pictures!

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Nanny said...

So I have a headack one Sunday, but I go ahead and keep Logan for Amanda Because She is going to do my job for me. So I think that's only fair. So what does this have to do with the candy box? I go looking for some "C" size batteries in Amanda's room and bring Logan with me. I look in there box and head head staight for the shoe box. I don't know what in the shoe boxs so I tell him NO and he does not like it. He does not like that and has a big fit. I take him out of the room and he still is crying for the box. I do not find out till later in the evening till Amanda is showing me the movie and picture in this blog what is in this shoe box. So now you why I STILL HAVE A HEAD ACHE!