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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marshmellow Boy!

Last week before Alisa, April, Mom, and I lefted for a scrapbooking weekend, My dad and I were talking in the kitchen while Logan was playing on the floor. Well we look over and Logan had pulled off the highchair a bag of marshmellows and before we knew it the were all over the floor and Logan was attacking them all. My dad went to clean them up and I said no so I can take a picture of what he was doing!


Easer Sunday this year was very very wet and rainy so we were only able to have a easter lunch after church at my Grandma and Grandpas house. This is the whole family here. Note Logan is crying he was not happy about taking a picture, my brother in law Elton is hiding behind his littler daughter so he would not be in the picture, yes that is Stephen lookin like a gangster, and yes my dad does have on a grich chirstmas shirt.
Yes that is me and yes I did back a nipple into the cake!

The next day for family home evening we had a easter egg hunt and a hot dog roast at my ganrdparents. Logan had a bad case of trush??, so he was not just a happy boy. We had a good time seeing him get the eggs and we can not wait for next year.

I am so happy to have at least one picture of Logan and I. Cause we all know as moms we do not get very many pictures of us with our children.
I love this picture of Logan and his cousins from left to right Elton, Brigham, Levi, and Shaylee. They made sure Logan was able to hunt some easter eggs as well. How sweet!
These too pictures are so sweet he loved holding the eggs!
Boys being boys!
All of the familt together so nice and happy!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

candy boy part 2

I forgot the viedo here it is!

Candy Boy

In Stephens and I bedroom we have a box of candy, some is as old as Halloween. We thought it was time to go through it and throw away the candy that was really old. We look over and see Logan with a candy necklace in his hands it was so cute so instead of taking it way, we let him keep it to get some pictures and this video. What we do to stage good pictures!