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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I can go the Distance....

How many of you have seen the Disney movie Hercules? You know the movie of a man who thinks he is a zero, and wants to be nothing more then a hero. Along the course of this movie you see this young boy turn from a zero to a hero. How is that possible you say, well he had help from a man called Phil who whole life mission was to train Heros. Along the way Hercules is faced with many changes, nothing really came easy for this man. But he keeped going and by the end of the movie he became the hero he always wanted to be.
Now I know what your thinking what does this have to do with mamamavation? Well first off read the words of one of my fav. songs from the movie.
I have often dreamed
Of a far off place
Where a hero's welcome
Would be waiting for me
Where the crowds will cheer
When they see my face
And a voice keeps saying
This is where I'm meant to be

I'll be there someday
I can go the distance
I will find my way
If I can be strong
I know every mile
Will be worth my while
When I go the distance
I'll be right where I belong

Down an unknown road
To embrace my fate
Though that road may wander
It will lead me to you
And a thousand years
Would be worth the wait
It might take a lifetime
But somehow I'll see it through

And I won't look back
I can go the distance
And I'll stay on track
No I won't accept defeat
It's an uphill slope
But I won't lose hope
Till I go the distance
And my journey is complete
But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part
For a hero's strength is measured by his heart

Like a shooting star
I will go the distance
I will search the world
I will face its harms
I don't care how far
I can go the distance
Till I find my hero's welcome
Waiting in your arms...

I will search the world
I will face its harms
Till I find my hero's welcome
Waiting in your arms

Now can you see anything in that song that we do in Mamavation? If not let me tell you. How many of you have dreams to become healther? Or maybe to become stronger? How many of you hope to one day be the Hero for your family? Now reread the song lyrics again (go ahead I will wait :D)
Now tell me that this song is not about Mamavation! I have often dream of a far of place where everyone I meet will see me as a heathy mother! This road I am traving on is a unknown road for me and honestly I do not know my fate, or where it will take me. But on thing that I do know is it lead me to you. Yes you and you who are reading this post! You are the ones who are helping me become my own Hero! I like to think of Leah as my Phil, she is always keeping me in cheeck and making sure I am making right choices. You know what she doesn't have to, but she wants to!
Now so many of you women have the chance to become the next Mamavation mom, to become a hero like Katie, and Lisa just became. Yes ladies you are Heros! You are stornger now, which is what makes you my heros. I was going to join you women who are applying, but it is not in my cards. I am on a different road right now to become a mom again. Was it planned no, but it is the path I choose. I know that without a any doubt that you women who are applying can do it. And as the last bit of the songs say
"And I won't look back
I can go the distance
And I'll stay on track
No I won't accept defeat
It's an uphill slope
But I won't lose hope
Till I go the distance
And my journey is complete
But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part
For a hero's strength is measured by his heart"
You will never look back, you can go the distance! You will not accpet defeat, because you now its an uphill climb, but never lose that hope. You can go the distance. And when your journet is complete, always look behind the glory you have gotten, and remeber where you started out. That a realy hero know strength is measured in our heart!
I love you all and I feel so lucky to be a part of your jounreys you are starting and the jounreys that will take you to the distance to find the hero inside of everyone of you!
So I say grab your pair of Earth footware and start your jounrey! OK maybe we dod not all have earth footware, but you can! http://www.earthfootwear.com/
Grab your water bottle and drink it up!
More then anything know that our Phil AKA Leah is always there for you, to train you to become that hero you want to be!
I hope you all have a great week, and remember one thing YOU CAN GO THE DISTANCE!

Monday, March 22, 2010

what a week

So I am thinking that for some reason i would get off easy and not have morning sickness, well I was wrong! This week has been a very hard week. My body is craving chocolate and sweet items. I do not like that at all! I have been being a god girl and telling ti NO! But sometimes it is so hard when the only food that stayed down was that piece of dark chocolate I ate. I have been going back through my notes from Pete Cohan and tell myself to shut the duck up! Things have been much better now and I am eating better. I am trying to get out and walk everyday! I am proud of myself for doing it, even in the rain! I get to see the doctor in two weeks and I am excited to see my little one for the first time. I am so excited to tell him yes when he asked me if I eat right and exercise! I am so grateful for mamavation and honestly I tell everyone I know if they want to charge there lifestyle they need to check it out! I know that with out mamavation I would still be 25lbs heaver then what I am. That I would have a high risk pregnancy because I would not be walking and eating right. It is amazing to be how simple the change can be when we just put our minds to it, and have great friends to support you! Thank you so much for the support you have given me! Without I do not think I could of made it. Thank you for checking up on my and making sure I am ok. Everyone one of you mamavation ladies are wonderful and I am so lucky to call you my friends! Till next week I am out!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not planned!

After a week of being sick, and still not getting better I wonder what was wrong with me? So I just keep pushing the veggies and fruits! I finnaly was feeling better which was so nice when I noticed my tummy not feeling so great. I pushed it aside thinking it was nothing. Well I went to the health department to get my lady pills refilled and a pap. When I got there they alwasy asked you those funny questions that you just want to laugh at. NO my husband has never slept with a man who has taken drugs. Who comes up with these questions! Then they ask when was your last period I was thinking and honestly does anyone really remember that one! So I went to the room, and got all ready when they asked me if I would mine taking a pregnacy test. I kind of luaghed and say yes no problem. As I was waiting for the nurse to come back in, I just thought to myself there is no way I could be pregnant right? Well the nurse came in and said you will not be needing that pap and pills today. I looked at her funny, and she said "the line may be faint but its there. Your pregnant." I just started crying! I mean big time no stopping me crying! She looked at me and said come one lets go talk in my office. I took my time walking there and thought a baby in me no way this was not planned. I am just now getting healthy and losing weight. WHY NOW!!!! Then a feeling a peace came over me, and I knew that it would be ok. I walked into the office and found out I was almost six weeks pregnant and didn't even know! Heavenly Father works in ways we will never understand and I know that. As I drove home I was overwelmed with so many emotions, will I be able to handle both kids? Then I took a deep breath and I knew that it would be all ok! I will keep eatting healthy, drinking my water, and exersing everyday. I will do what I need to be healthy durning this whole pregnacy. I will keep walking everyday, I will make sure that I am playing with Logan and be his mother. These are the things that I will do, and keep doing the whole time with this baby. I am so excited for this baby, and I know that things will be hard, but Stephen, Logan, and I will be ok. We will welcome this baby into our home and hearts. I know that Logan will be a wonderful big brother, he loves his cousin Allie and I see that love in his eyes. I know that Stephen will get to school sometime and that when he does it will be hard, but we will get through it! I know that Stephen will make a great father again, for he already is to Logan, and I am so happy to be married for eternty to him. I know that i will have had days, and there will be times that I may not want to do things, but it will be ok. I know that I will be a great mother to this child, for I see the love that Logan has for me. These are the things that I know and I am so greatful to be given this chance to have this baby.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

baby steps......

OK so how many of you have seen the movie What about Bob? It stars Bill Murry as a man with OCD who has to do everything with baby steps! Now I do not have OCD, but I do understand baby steps.
So many times I am telling myself "Amanda baby steps to the five pound weight lose" "baby steps to the one mile walk" "baby steps to the food I buy" "baby steps to the food I cook" These are baby steps I have to take everyday in my life. One of my faviort quotes from What about Bob is "Baby steps to the bus" now if you know this moving it is Bob trying to get on a Bus for a first time and him rememebering that he needed to take it one step at a time to make it to the Bus.
This is how I feel right now in my life that I need to be taking those baby steps. This week I got really sick. I honestly thought at some point I would die because my body felt so bad. But taking those baby steps to the fridge to get my veggies and juice to eat. Baby steps to take a walk outside to get fresh air helped so much. I was still able to get in all of my 8 serveing of fruits and veggies everyday even with being sick, it is what my body craved. I found that to be funny, because I thought I would want someone else, but nope I eat so much fruits and veggies. I took those small baby steps and felt better.
So I ask you how many of you are you taking Baby Steps or taking Big Steps???? This is why I love Mamavation because it has taught me to take my baby steps. I did take a big step and said I will lose weight and I am losing it, but it has to be little baby steps as well. Thank you so much everyone for supporting me and be there for me. I am so proud to be a mamavation sista! Till next week! Amanda

Sunday, March 7, 2010

oklahoma aquarium

Last Saturday we had so much fun going to the oklahoma aquarium. Logan at first was not so excited there were too many people and lots of big fish. Soon when he saw little fish his face lite up with joy and aww and he loved it. I had a great time meeting my friends there who I work with on a blog I write for. We giggled a lot! Here are just a few pictures!