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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

mamavation mom #7

OK guys I know I am so late into the game but it is true I have gotten the ok from my doctor to compete for a spot to me the next mamavation mom. Many of you know how over weight I am and how much I have been trying to make a better life style for me and my family, well mamavation is my chance! If you think I would be a great mom please let leah know by going on to twitter and saying
“Hey @bookieboo! I want @beeacutie2 to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support! http://bit.ly/aorv3Y”
or go to the Mamavation facebook page and tell her there!
Please watch my video and see for yourself why I need this, I say need this and not so much want as it is a need! Thank you all so much! Amanda

Monday, December 27, 2010

New beginnings

Ok so first off I am posting my Christmas blog a little later getting pictures all downloaded. Now when I say this has been a week you just wait and see! It all started on Monday night when we had Chicken for dinner just remember this when I explain and tell you the rest of our week. That night was my Nephews Levi birthday party he turned 8 and it was just such a  great time seeing him and listening to him all ready to be Baptizes and to know that he has been truly taught by his wonderful parents and teachers at church about it. We had tons of fun and I only ate half a cupcake way to sugary. On the way home I didn't feel any different and was just ready to get home as it was going to be a crazy busy week. Stephen had to work all week and I am still getting use to having two kids. Tuesday Morning I woke up and my throat was killing me I went to take my morning pills and had a hard time shallowing them down, but I honestly thought it was just because I just gotten up. I was to busy to really eat anything so I just helped fix lunch and at 11:30 when the ham came out of the oven and was being cut I took a bite of bread and waited for the ham to be ready. I felt like the bread got stuck so I went to the bathroom ro throw it back up. I have bad acid reflex and have times this happens. I went to take a drink to make sure it really cleared when I wasn't able to shallow the water down. I spent the next hour in the bathroom trying again to get the piece of bread up. After an hour I thought it has to be dissolved by now. I tried the water again the same thing happened. I was not sure what to do, but I had to take care of Spencer as Spencer was at work so I was honestly spitting in a glass or sink because I couldn't;t get it to go down. When Stephen got home I told him what happen he told me to try to sleep and see if maybe it was just so tense I tried to sleep when I woke up trying to breath as I was choking. I knew at that point something was wrong. I had him give me a blessing and off to the ER we went. We got there at 5:00pm between 5:00 to 1:00 I stayed in the ER as they tried to find out what was wrong. My frist doctor on call there did;tt hink anything was wrong at all as he saw I could use my mussel and that means I was ok. He took xrays of my throat to see what was wrong and they had me try to shallow this horrible stuff! There found a huge mass on my thyroid. So when I got back to my room I had a new Dr. Cox! He was wonderful! He listened to me and did all he could to find out what was wrong a ct later and some more xrays found out I had a blockage in my throat. My Doctor was on a date with his wife in a town an hour and half away and Dr. Cox called him and he call to do a scope on me to see what was wrong. Yeah he is wonderful! As I sat there waiting for it happened I was so scared at what they found find, would it be bad maybe it was just something stupid it had to be right I was young only 28~ Well I found out many things, first off I have to get my thyroid tested for many different things and see if drugs will make it smaller, also I found out it is part of my problem of gaining weight as it is not working at all. Second as the DR. was doing the scope he was 95% positive I have Crones which is why I have been having so many problems, including thinking I was having hearth attacks, the bowl movement problems, and other things I have had problems with. I found out on Thursday the results of the test and honestly I am not scared. There is no cue for Crones, but with Medians, diet, and exercises you can control it. There will always be times I have bad flair ups and times it will knock me out, but I will survive. I have to remember that Heavenly Father does not give us any problems we can not handle. There is a chance as being a women of getting breast cancer, but we can;t live by that scare. I will not let this rule me, or make me live my life different. Yes many things have to change and that is fine with me. I have been making changes and these are not any different, but I know my family will always be there for me. My husband Stephen will be there to support me. That my two sons Logan and Spencer will grow up with a mommy who loves them and wants to be healthy for them. So many times we only think of these problems and trials as ends and not as beginnings, that is what I am looking at them now. New beginnings  . New times to because a new me. I can;t keep this weight on me and stay healthy I have to change for my boys and my DH. My doctor is very positive I will lose weight when my mass is removed I was talking to Stephen about it and one of my goals was to have him carry me one day, he said honey it doesn;t matter to me I love you no matter what, but when you lose weight I will be proud of you! Speaking of losing weight I now weight 215 which is now 30lbs from the time I have had Spencer six weeks ago. Without the support of you all there is no way I would of ever been able to do this! Thank you all for this and know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily! Amanda

Monday, December 13, 2010

is it a month already!!!!

As you can see from this picture we had our church christmas party. It was so much fun but one nice thing about it was the fact I was wearing jeans that I havn't gotten to weear before baby and an xl shirt! But take a look at this picture in our church we have had three new babys in the space of three months. Starting with Amanda and Reese who I am holding is three months, then we have Logan who Katie is hold and he is one month then you have Mia who Amanda is holding and is two weeks! Now these women have been so much fun to ahng out iwth because quess what we all had c-sections and before Spencer was a boy we all where to have girls! lol It was so nice to go to the party and feel god about myself for just having a baby. Yes i have tons I need to work on, but guess what its ok because as we all know I am working on 5lbs at atime. Thinking of weight I weighed in last week at 224 and this week at 222 a 2 pound lost I will take. I have been really bad this week for sure, but I played the wii on friday and found out how out of shape I really am. It made me see I need to get back and work out. thinking of working out Doctor has passed me off for exersing now I can slowly work my way up to doing so much. Its kind of crazy this happening as the new campain for mamavation mom is coming thinking about apply we shall see. I know this is short, but I have a bigger post to write soon. Know I love you all and so greatful for your support! XOXO AMANDA