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Friday, March 21, 2008

Ballroom Team

For those who know Stephen and I well, you know that we both love to dance! IT is how we met and now we have a afternoon team we teach three days a week. Its been going so good, it is nice because Stephen and I do not get to see each other alot during the week, so we treasure these few hours together. This semster we are doing a swing and a rumba even with me being prego I am still able to dance and teach them tricks. Now the best part about this is that our little loves these times, I swear this baby is a dancer already! The team laughs that she doesn't want to be left out. We are preforming on Tuesday and I am not sure who is more nervous the team, or Stephen and I! I feel like a mother hen looking over them the whole time. We hope to keep this going in the summer, but we shall see!