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Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Begining Old Tomorrows.....

So remember last post when I talked about changes and how it was time? Well I did it I cropped all my hair off lol! Ok maybe not all my hair but as my grandma says "Good you got rid of that stingy hair." I am now noticing a difference in the way I walk. I am not getting as tried as I used too. So I do have a funny story to tell you all. I do not know if any of you remember or not but I only live maybe five or six blocks always from my mom and dad. Well my mom and sister run a preschool/daycare from my moms home. Logan goes there 3 days a week when my dad is home and comes and picks him up. Well Thursday was such a nice day nice day that I thought you know what I am so taking Logan to Nannys house. Well I got him and I ready told him where we were going and looked for the stoller..... Guess what no stoller.... Its at nannys and poppys house me being me lefted it there the last time I walked there so instead of my normal thought of just giving up I let that thought leave my mind, and I picked up Logan and off we went. I carried him on my hip the whole way to my moms house. You know something I thought that I would be tried halfway there like I was used to, but nope I made it there and enjoyed my walk! After I got there and put Logan down and he went and played, I thought in my head there is no way I would of been able to do that five weeks ago! Its funny to me to think that a little change in the way you feel about yourself make all the change in the world.
Stephen, Logan, my mom , and I got to go to the Oklahoma Aquarium yesterday It was so much fun! The thing was there was TONS of WALKING! But guess what I was prepared this time I was so ready! I had too much fun running after Logan watching him say fish and more then anything not get tried the whole time!

So you know what this new beginings are great! I am loving it. The best part is that everytime there is something new that happeneds in your life it is a new beginging! So this is to you my Sisters my friends I ask you what new beginings have you had lately? Maybe you are drnking more water. or loseing more weight, maybe you cut your hair, or are moving into a new house. Whatever it is however big or small it is a new time in your life a new begining for you to celabrate! Remeber to embrass the change because no matter how big or how small it may seem to you do it. You completed a change, you are making your life better for you family, your friends, your spouse, and most importanly YOU!
Know that I am always here for you each and everyone of you that I love the support that you give me everyday. Thank you so much Lisa and Katie you two have been wonderful Mamavation moms and I love reading your words everyday tehya re truly inspiring. Thank you Leah for always kicking me in the butt when I need one you may not know it but you are doing it! And thank you each and everyone of my sisters my friends I love you all I enjoy the time I get to spend with you everyday and tweet it up. Thank you so much!
Last put not least here are the pictures I promised! please no laughing!
Smile Everyone!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Opperation Makerover

So the time has came for me to have a makeover! Now not just a physical one, but a mental one as well! I have been thinking of this for a while and have come to a conclusion that the time has come to get rid of my FAT jeans! Change my hair, my makeup, and more importanly my whole outlook on life! I can now see a change in the way people are looking at me. My grandma said to me the other day. Amanda you sure look nice is that a new outfit? I said no I just havn't been able to wear it in a while. She then said well good for you keep up the weight lose! I went home that night and thought you know what I am going to keep it and keep it off! So that night I went home and went through all my clothes, and if you know me I have tons! I throw away many bags of clothes and had my hubby donate them to the locale needs place here! That night I tried on for the first time a pair of Jeans I have not wore sense college and ...... THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY RUSTED METAL BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked and amazed!!!!!!!! Now I still had to do the lay on the bed to get them to botton trick! LOL but they fit a first in a year! Now I can see that it is happening a lot more still needs to happened, I know that but this is just the beginning!
Now on to some sad news..... I broke my stride this week and ate some chocolate. It was very good and tasted great! Then guess what, after I ate it I thought Amanda what are you doing you know you will only want more.... and you know what I did want more. I honestly had to tell myself NO SHUT THE DUCK UP NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked my hubby to kindly take the chocolate away and place it somewhere only he knows! I made sure I worked out harder that day. But I still felt so bad. I let it get to be so much. Its funny how we do that. I was doing my Dancing with the stars dancing teh pounds off dvd and pushing myself way to much. Just so you know I way my 3 1/2 dance heels when I do this work out. ( Meet my hubby doing ballroom dancing so I know what I am doing) I knew I was pushing myself, but I didn't care because I thought I need to burn that chocolate! Well I fell and hit my knee on the tv stand, and twisted my ankle! All my fault I knew what I was doing I should of knowen better. But I got up and after the tears and talking to my hubby I knew what I did and he stettled me down. The next day I was so much better, so I had a bad day its ok because WE ALL WILL HAVE BAD DAYS, but that does not mean we have to quit, we keep going and the next day we do a little better. These are things I have now learned, I know that without Mamavation I would of never learned these things. Its funny before I would of gave up and ate more and more chocolate, but not now, now I am a figter and will alway be one.
Thank you so much my lovely MAMAVATION MOMS MY SITERS MY FIRENDS!
Now on to my week of weight loss not much but some because of the fruit and veggis challenge which I am loving I am down 3.6lbs!!!!!!!!!!! Till next week I will post picture of the me blogger was giving me a hard time! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Love my love, Amanda

Saturday, February 13, 2010

After the storm...

This is one of my hardest post to write. With all the good we do, comes all the bad..... why is it that there always comes a storm when you least expect it. Think about that, your outside driving along, or maybe walking or working, when all the sudden you see that the sun is no longer and is hidden behind clouds. You try to get inside as quick as you can, not wanting to get wet! Then you sit inside praying for the best, waiting it out. Then as you as watching the rain you notice many things the lighting, thunder, and the hard rain drops! You perpare for the worse thinking that no matter what you have done all that you can. So you sit back and enjoy the show, or the ride.... That is how my life have been a hard rain storm. Thunder, lighting, hail, big drops of rain, always hitting me and knocking me down making me take cover and head in the safety of my home! Well not any more!!!!!!!!!! I am now taking control of my life! You see this little boy right here
Now when I see a bad storm coming I am honestly not scared anymore. I am ready to face whatever may be lieing in wait for me. Some people may say I am crazy, but honestly I say I am not! Because what happenes after a hard storm or rain? But a rainbow! My son and husband are my rainbow. Everyday my hubby ask me, baby have you worked out today? He wants to make sure I am doing all I can to become heathy! What a great man. Now now to the wonderful news I have been waiting to say I have made a goal of mine! I started mamavation at 233lbs, I am now at 210lbs!!!!!! I have lost 23lbs and two pants sizes! my goal was to just get to under 200 and I am only 10lbs from it! So I have set a new goal and that is to be at my prewedding weight the weight I was when I meet my hubby in college that was 175, I know I can get there. Thank you so much Leah, Pete Cohen, and all your Mamavation moms who give me support every day to lose this weight. With you I know I can and will keep loseing weight!
heres a picture of me after a storm!!!! 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A week of first!

First of this week started out like any other week, I did everything the same. got up ate my greek yogat which I am learing to like :) get in a quick work out on the wii before my son wakes up, and so on....
But on tuesday Logan was being very Cranky he was running a temp. and I thought he was just teething. He get to stay at my moms and dad on tuesaday for what we call Nanny and Poppy night! I love it and so do they because they get the cahnce to have time with their grandkids! After my dad came and picked up Logan I did my wii fit, and then felt like a walk, so I told my husband to get his shoes on and to come with me! After our walk I felt so good!
The next morning I woke up the at the same time, to do my normal exerise when I felt like weighing myself. Now I normaly do not do that! First off I hate the scale and second normally the number go up and not down! Much to my surprise I stepped on and.....it said......yes this number is real......223lbs! I was so excited! I screamed my husband ran to bathroom thinking I fell or saw a mouse both of which I would of screamed, I had tears in my eyes!
I started Mamavation at 233lbs so that is a lost of 10lbs! Looking back on every other time I have been trying to lose weight it has failed because I have never had a group of women behind me supporting me the whole way! Now I am not close to my goal yet and have A LOT left to lose, but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can now see the pounds going away.
As Pete Cohen talked to us I am now at a 100% attitude to lose the weight and I am going to lose it! I know it will be hard and I am willing to take all the bumps and hits that come my way. Trust me.
The rest of this week let me tell you.....after I saw how much I lost my dad called telling me he was bring Logan home because he was running a fever and was cranky. All day my poor son was tried would not eat and was running a high fever of a 101.5 I couldn't get him into his normal doctor so I had to take him into rapid remdies and found out he had strep throat so bad that he had puss pockets in the back!
On thursday I was so stessed with Logan that my eatting went out the window I did not eat the way I needed to and fell off the wagon so to speak. I should of asked for my sister helped, but instead I was to prideful! I ate a candybar, and guess what....it made me so sick! I throw up and had some other problems I will not tell you about. But Later that day when Stephen got home and I handed him Logan wh was sleeping on me, went to my room, and put on my head phones and listen to Pete Cohens Rest and Relaxtion mp3. When I was done I came out, and did my wii fit. I felt so much better and knew that it was ok that my day was bad!
The next day I work so much harder and made sure that even with Logan being sick I would find the time to get in my workouts and eat right! Well Stephen came home from work and surprised me with Wii EA Active! I was so happy and had to try it out right away! boy oh boy! I love it! It is a work out that is for sure!
Saturday was a normal for me, Stephen works, I stay home with Logan, but today I felt again to look at the scale because was I was scared that it would be high because I ate wrong on thrusday. Well much to my surprise it said this Amanda you silly silly girl (ok it didn't say that but it was just the voice in my head) (I know I know Pete SHUT THE DUCK UP) 221lbs I was down two more pounds! I could not believe it! I did not want to wake up my son. So I had to make sure I tried it again and yes it said 221. I stepped on the scale five more times before I thought ok it is not going to change! WOW I am doing this. I am loseing weight!
So now I know I can do this I can lose the weight, I also know it is not easy it is HARD! I am now excited to get up every morning and face my day. I am wearing clothes I thought I would never wear anymore. Everyone needs to do this! So if you are reading this and want to know what and how go to http://www.mamavation.com/ look us up! Leah is wonderful, she is so giving and willing to help you! Go to http://www.petecohentv.com/ He is wonderful sign up his program you will not be diapointed at all! He is there for you every step! And to all my sisters of mamavation out there I heart you all! You give me strength everyday to do this, without your help I know I would still be unhappy. unhealthy and unfit! I love you all! Till next week! Amanda

Thursday, February 4, 2010

10lbs down

Hello everyone well I couldn;t believe my eyes when I saw it! So yes its true I am down 10lbs!!!!!