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Monday, April 26, 2010

Making it work

Well you know how last week I talked about making good choices, well this week it is all about making those good choices work. Like for example I have been teaching sixth grade math all last week and I had to take them to a feild trip to the zoo with the other teachers. Now where did we stop, but the one place that is so hard for me to not get some french frys! Thats right none other then McDonalds, well I knew that  I could either make a good choice or a bad one. As it came time for me to other I watched as all my fellow teachers order big meals with lots of fat and caroies. I knew I was in trouble, so I order a fruit and wallnut salad and a small grilled chinken wrap with no dressing, but on the side. I also got a water! I was shocked and amazed at how they all looked at me. I got my food and sat down and ate my food, I was even full that I didn;t finsh all the wrap! I laughed at everyone on the inside of  course because they keeped asking me are you sure that is all you want. I poliety told me I am good, but thank you for asking. As we laughed to finsh our time at the zoo, I had so much energy from the food I ate when I noticed the other teachers where more sloggies. So the moral of the story I made it work! I was able to eat at a nice place that I used to love and walk away feeling good about what i ate! I also was lucky that I brought me an Chiquita Bananna which are one of my faviorts snacks! Now I do not always make things work, I do fall, but you know what its ok. We all will fall, it is the matter of how we pick ourselfsup again that matters. Now look at Rachel, and Kim we are so lucky that we can learn through their sucesses and their weaknesses. But you see this is why they are the next Mamavation moms because they were so willing to let us see the real them! Now this is why Mamavation works so well because we are so willing to let others see our ups and downs. I thank you for that and letting me a part of you! I am excited to see you all sucesed and to get to your goals! I am there right with you cheering you on. Remember you can always count on me for anything just ask! Well that is all for this week! Until my next chapter keep doing what you do, and know this I am here for you! Love you all, Amanda

Saturday, April 17, 2010

good choices......

So honestly how many of you every week thinking ok the pasta or the grilled chicken? Or maybe its do I take a nap today or do wii fit? Well I make these choices every week! I have noctied thou a trend of good choices on my part will lead to one or two BAD choices! Why is that?? I have been thinking a lot on that. I mean come on once your on a roll it always seems that you fall down. Think of it this way.... You are a runner who has trained for a long time for tha one race you want to win, the day comes and you are running your hardest when all of the sudden someone passes you, you try hard to pass them back, but guess what you can't make it! You end up coming in second. Now what would you do stop running? You would be surprised how many do, they stop doing what they love to do because of one race. Now we all know twitter and we all love that we can win things on it. You try so hard to win a contest, you ask your friends for your votes for them to help you out. You do all you can do when they day comes to see who has won! You wait for your name to be called when..... you do not hear your name, but someone elses! What do you do??? Do you quit, throw a fit, talk bad about the contest??? Well guess what so many people do! HOnestly why do we do that? Well I think the real reason is because we are not all in it to win it. Like last week for me, I had a hard week trying to eat right and exerise every day, but this week I took how crapy I felt and turned it around. I am not going to let one bad week rule my life. I WILL NOT LIVE MY LIFE ON ONE BAD AND WRONG CHOICE! Now I could go all church on you and say this: Think about it this way, God So loved the World that he gave his only begotten son. That whoso ever believe in him shall not parish but have every lasting life. Now does it say that God only loves those who believe in Christ?? Nope he loved us all so much that he gave his son to us. I honestly have known so many people who have asked DID GOD MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE? Yes he did!
Now back to the bad choices you have made, there is still time to turn around and make good choices! If you ate something bad work harded the next time that choice comes up and eat something better. If you didn't win the race retry! Who knows you may come first next time. And finale if you did win that contest you wanted to, make it a goal to do better next time! Now I know all this sounds easier then what it can be, but guess what! By asking for help and more support from my family and friends I am now proud to say I have lost 3lbs by following my doctors orders to eat right, being healthy for the baby and I, and walking twice a day! Guess what guys I did not try to lose weight but it happened! Now yes this is safe for me and the baby! I have asked and my doctor and I are on the same page. So no getting mad at me for losing weight! LOL
But  honestly guys make good choices, never give up and know that so many people out there are here to help you! Also know there is still time to ask for forgiveness if maybe you have done something wrong.
I know that by helping each others make good choices, I am not only helping them, but myself as well! Till next week! All my love, Amanda
P.S. Start making good choices now by eating All Whites! Yummy I can't wait to get some to try! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Babys got back.....!!!!!!!!!

So as most of you know I got to go to the doctor for the very first time this week! I was so excited to be able to hear the heart beat of my little tadpole! Well when i got there I knew one that thing that would be told to me, that I need to watch my weight for I know I am over weight! I was happy to see that in ten whole weeks not one pound was gained! YEAH!!!!! Well the doctor was very happy with me! As he said you know what I am going to tell you! I smiled at him and said yes I know Dr. Bectol I am overweight and need to be very care about the weight I gain durning this pregnacy! He laughed at me and said "Hey that was my job to tell you that!" But after teh laughter I was a ready to hear my baby! I knew that last time I was pregnant its took a while for them to find the hearbeat so I knew it may be a while again. I was doing really good thinking postive thoughts when my doctors said lets do an ultrasound just to make sure everything is fine. I was getting scared when we found this!
Well yes for all you wondering that is a baby there! LOL I found out that I have a  retroflexed uterus. Now your all are probley like me and are think huh! Well that means that : the fundus is pointing backwards. Anterior of uterus is convex. So what does this mean for me well one thing I will start to show earlier then most women! LOL Also I will have nice back pains the whole pregnancy! Yes yes I am so lucky! But have now found that out it makes so much more sense why I have shape pains in my back during my last pregnantcy and I now understand why! I also found out that because of it it sits more on the bladder! Thank you gentics! I laughed really hard and thought any more bad news you want to tell me. But wait theres more. With an retroflexed uterus if your having twins you may not find out till the 15 week! LOL joys of joys!
But honestly it was a great appointment! I was told that if I was craving fast food to go eat at Subway! Now I think it is funny because Leah just did an interview with Jarod from Subway! Woo hoo! So anyone who has not gone and tried there new Egg White Muffin Melt, we cna both go together and see what it is all about! So I am going to go and try it out soon! I love eggs so I am excited!
Now on to some more news I have made a commitment to NOT gain any weight at all this pregnancy! I know it can be done, but I WILL NEED TONS OF SUPPORT! I mean I am thinking of it this way. As I was told by my doctor women who are obses and pregnant can go through a whole pregnancy and not gain any weight, and come out loseing any where from 10 to 25 lbs! When I heard that I thought no way! But it is true! The reason being is that if you are eatting right, exersicing everyday, your baby will take its food from your fat you already have. And your stomoc will just expland to fit baby and not all that new fat and junk you gave it! Then when you deliever or in my case have a c-section you will lose all that extra water, baby weight, and placenta weight! How great is that! You are taking care of yourself and your baby all at the same time. I know it will not be easy and will be tough at times, but I also know I can do it with all the support and help I can get!
Ok I am done for this week, and I am so excited to find our who is the next two moms! Love you all! Amanda

Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting into a groove!

I am happy to say that I think I am finale in a groove that I loved. My days so like this! I wake up anywhere from 8:00 to 8:30am. Or whenever Logan wakes me up. I then Make him and I some breakfast, then we get ready for our day!Its nice becuase Logan is now older enough where we just watches me work out, I mean yes he loves to "help" me and does a lot! Right now I have been working out o the wii a lot. I got the EA Active about two months ago and I am just now done with the 30 day challenege I had to remind my self at least five times er day to do it! But it is now done. I love the cardio Boxing the best and hope to get the more Active soon! I would tell anyone who works out to try it! I am also loving walking with Logan everyday! It is a nice treat for us both! Being outside just makes you feel all happy! I know this post is not long, but with moring sickness it has been a hard day! I want to let all the five mamavation moms finalist GOOD LUCK! I will be here for each one of you! Alright guys I promise a bigger post next week! Love ya all, Amanda