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Monday, April 26, 2010

Making it work

Well you know how last week I talked about making good choices, well this week it is all about making those good choices work. Like for example I have been teaching sixth grade math all last week and I had to take them to a feild trip to the zoo with the other teachers. Now where did we stop, but the one place that is so hard for me to not get some french frys! Thats right none other then McDonalds, well I knew that  I could either make a good choice or a bad one. As it came time for me to other I watched as all my fellow teachers order big meals with lots of fat and caroies. I knew I was in trouble, so I order a fruit and wallnut salad and a small grilled chinken wrap with no dressing, but on the side. I also got a water! I was shocked and amazed at how they all looked at me. I got my food and sat down and ate my food, I was even full that I didn;t finsh all the wrap! I laughed at everyone on the inside of  course because they keeped asking me are you sure that is all you want. I poliety told me I am good, but thank you for asking. As we laughed to finsh our time at the zoo, I had so much energy from the food I ate when I noticed the other teachers where more sloggies. So the moral of the story I made it work! I was able to eat at a nice place that I used to love and walk away feeling good about what i ate! I also was lucky that I brought me an Chiquita Bananna which are one of my faviorts snacks! Now I do not always make things work, I do fall, but you know what its ok. We all will fall, it is the matter of how we pick ourselfsup again that matters. Now look at Rachel, and Kim we are so lucky that we can learn through their sucesses and their weaknesses. But you see this is why they are the next Mamavation moms because they were so willing to let us see the real them! Now this is why Mamavation works so well because we are so willing to let others see our ups and downs. I thank you for that and letting me a part of you! I am excited to see you all sucesed and to get to your goals! I am there right with you cheering you on. Remember you can always count on me for anything just ask! Well that is all for this week! Until my next chapter keep doing what you do, and know this I am here for you! Love you all, Amanda


Susan said...

I love food, and it is wonderful watching others who love food make the right decision! Congrats on not succumbing to the dreaded french fries trap.

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Colleen said...

That is awesome that you didnt give in and made great choices...and could really see the benefits of those choices! Keep it up!

TLEstrogen said...

That's how to make great choices! Way to go girl!

Goo Goo Buy Buy... said...

You are much stronger than me!

We had to take my son to the ER on Saturday morning for some allergy/asthma trouble and afterwards we hit the McDonald's drive-through at his request because he hadn't eaten all day.

Normally, I don't let him get fries, but I did on Saturday. And I couldn't resist eating a few of them myself.

Jessica said...

Good job!
It's so hard to make that right choice when the wrong one is staring you in the face and wafting up your nose! :)

Laurie said...

I know it's so difficult to be the only one making the right choice, but you did great! Maybe some of the others will be inspired by your example! Have a great week! :-)


~Lori~ said...

Goo job on making a good choice at a fast food place!!!


kia said...

Ugh, you are THAT annoying woman shoving good choices in other peoples' faces... or as I like call ya... AN INFLUENCER!! Great job Amanda! I love knowing you via mamavaiton, you are so supportive.

bookieboo said...

I totally commented earlier on my iPhone and it didn't work again...so here I am.

What you described is EXACTLY what I did all the time and the looks you got were the same that I got. You really have to just make it work in your own life in your own way. Together with teh Sistahood we learn from each other and not all the experiences are the same, but together we are a wealth of information, support and magic. Cause the magic is in the support we all get from each other. XXOO

And the fact that you are preggers and are NOT reaching for the fries....makes me double proud of you!!!