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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


eight months ago I had this wonderful little boy who only weighed in at 4lbs and 11oz, and 18" long. The doctors told us that he may not make it and to remember that when we see him. When I first saw Logan he looked like this
Now he is 18 lbs and 28" long he is crawing , eating, and playing like a big boy. We still have our problems with him such as he has to have breathing treatments at least once a week for his lungs, he had a harder time then most babies learning how to use his hand and some more develment issuse, but other then that he is a strong heathy baby boy who you would never know was almost eight weeks early.


admin said...

He's a miracle baby, Amanda. I am glad to hear that he's doing well. My brother was born premature as well and had many problems as a baby, but he's 26 years old now and very healthy! So keep up the good work! Love all the pictures.

Sook said...

Oh, weird, it says admin left a comment and it's really me, Sook. :)

theamayzing4 said...

Hey Steven and Amanda
Ganae your cousin. Your littlr one is so cute. I glad all is well. I have a blog also, you should check it out.
Love Ganae

Alisa said...

Wassup suckka!?!