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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

36 weeks

This is just a quick blog this week as I have been dealing with sickness in my family. Its hard to believe in one more week I will be full term. So many emotions are going through my head, this time with Logan I had him and was in the NICU with him everyday praying for my son to come home. I can remember teh emotions of knowing that he was early dn that he was having a hard time getting well. Everyday was a consent stuggle to not be so depressed, and to not think the worst! I can recall not wanting to go and see him of fear of them telling us that he was worse! But then i remeber the times of beig able to spend and hold him. To talk to my son and tell him how proud I was of him for being a big boy and learning new things. I truly relayed on the power of Heavenly Father to help me. Now that does not mean at times I wonder why he was born early or what I did to make him so. These past few days I have been stuggling keeping postive about this LO. I have been having high BP and do not want a hospital stay. I finaly said thats enough and prayed long and hard and asked for stength. Strength is such a funny word. It can mean so many things. I needed to be strong like you women I see. I needed to be strong for my Daughter inside of me. Talk to a dear friend helped me see I am strong. I just needed to be reminded of it. So I tell each one of you YOU ARE STRONG! You can do anything and can move those mountains! Know I love you all! Amanda


mnmspecial said...

You are doing great. Having a baby is so different every time. I am sure you will be strong for your little sweetie. Praying you have peace of mind and you will have the spirit to comfort. Hugs

Kimberly said...

Just remember, it's not our strength, but His! I will be praying for peace, no need to be worrying your pretty little self! I hope you have a good, worry-less week! HUGS!

kia said...

I have been sending as much warmth and strength as I can muster for you. I am glad your friend was there when you needed someone to talk to. You are built for this, you and your daughter are perfect. Please stay relaxed these last few days. You will be tired and worked with a newborn soon enough. xoxo

Tonya Pruitt said...

Amanda darling you are a very strong woman.

You have done something that is so amazing, most women don't take time to really absorb the details.

You have went through hormonal imbalances (and survived)

You have undergone body changes like your stomach getting bigger, your organs shifting, your bladder, intestines and hips, and spine being put under the stress of holding the baby and womb. This would all scare men, and most women! (and you survived)

You have been putting forth a wonderful effort to stay fit and healthy through this whole ordeal.

You darling are strong, and with HIS help you are going to be a wonderful new mommy again!

Laila said...

Definitely praying for you!! And you are indeed strong and a great mom! Best wishes to you and your family.

Colleen said...

There are so many differences in just our emotions from pregnancy to pregnancy, especially when there are or were previous complications.

(ok and I am just wondering what a coincidence that three of us, that I know, that are pregnant mamavation sistas have had premature babies)

I can totally relate to the stress and worry. I am glad to see you turned to prayer during the rough times. I pray that you have healthy final stretch!

elenka29 said...

I am so excited - I couldn't wait till full term both times. Get some rest! All the rest You can

brook1ll said...

i hope your delivery goes good and that you deliver a beautiful healthy baby girl make sure to share pictures hugs and I will keep you in my prayers