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Sunday, October 10, 2010

your a star!

I am like a star shining brightly,
Smiling for the whole world to see.
I can do and say happy things each day,
For I know Heav’nly Father loves me.

All this week I have had this little song in my head. Each time we would go on a walk I would hum this little tune and would teach it to my son. Now he is saying the star song when he wants to hear it. Now go ahead and read the words again, and tell me that it is not catchy! As I have been singing this song in my head I noticed it was when I was struggling or having a hard time. On Monday I developed a rash on my chest area thinking it would go away I put it aside like it was nothing. Then on Tuesday woke up to it spreading to my neck! I just laughed when i woke up thinking great only I would get some type of strange rash. So I made a doctors appointment for Wed. and prayed the doctor would know what it was! I knew I wanted to do some type of commit to fit project and the movement one that we have heard so much about in mamavation so I have started walking again everyday! We walk five bocks to the high school and take there walking path once around which is 3/4 mile and walk back home which makes it 1 mile total everyday! Now I may not be where Leah, Lisa, Rachel, or Jared are as look at how wonderful they where in NYC, But I do think that subway would be happy with a 34 week pregnant women walking a mile everyday! I started it on Monday and by Wednesday I was beat!!! I wanted to give up until I went to my doctor and he talked to me. As most of you know I have been having some blood pressure problems with this pregnancy, but doctor told me by staying healthy and not gaining weight I would be able to keep this baby in longer. So I did it, now that does not mean I have fallen because I have, but I have 34 weeks without a single pound being added to the scale, until wed. I gained wait for it 3lbs! I was a little shocked when i saw it and sad, but my doctor informed me he was happy to see a 3lbs weight gain in 34 weeks. So when you think about it that way I have done pretty darn good! Then he took my blood pressure it was the lowest it has ever been 124/88 wow I thought ok I am rocking it. He saw my rash and said in a joking way I think it is your body way of saying you do not need to be pregnant any more. We had a good laugh and he gave me some cream to put on it and said ok my OB patient who thinks she needs to see my every week how are you. I told him about my walking and he was happy with it. He said it was fine to do but to just listen to my body. Then he asked are you having BH, I told him well I think that whats they are. He looked at me and said well describe them to me. (On a side note I honestly never had them with Logan as he was my first and he was born at 34 weeks) I told him how they felt like period cramps at this point his face got long and he said Amanda those are not BH lets check you. As I was getting ready to be checked all I could think about was the scare of Logan coming early and all the problems we had. He checked me and said ok your at a fingertip, I asked him if that was good he said well its not bad or good. As he talked to me about what my body was doing having preterm concrations, he said lets just keep her in for three more weeks. I said ok do I have to do anything differently, my answer he gave was simple yes. He gave me a list of things I could do and things I couldn't;t no more walking a mile everyday, no more weight lifting, no more stree (haha yeah right) and no more worrying about this baby coming early!  He said now is the time to take care of yourself let others help you and be willing to ask for help, if I am willing to do that then we will be able to wait till the 1st of nov. and have this baby!  I thought about it long and hard as I was driving home. I was really honestly felt defeated everything I have been striving to do was taken away from me, when the little song came into my head again.
I am like a star shining brightly,
Smiling for the whole world to see.
I can do and say happy things each day,
For I know Heav’nly Father loves me.
I laughed to myself and thought well that its I will do happy things each day to help others complete their goals there are setting, I can still eat right and still Can walk so what if its only around the store to get some things or outside to play with Logan, guess what i am still moving! I can lift can goods into the cabinet right! See these are things I can still do I do not need to shut down and give up! That is what others may have done, but i will not do it! I will not lose everything I have worked so hard to do this pregnancy! I can still be a support to others this si what a star is! So I am telling you all now I am stillCommit to Fit Campaign and Jared ! I am still going to do the challenge set by subway and Lisa. I will still get in my movement when I can. I will not let this get me to stay in bed and be sad. I want to thank each and everyone of you for the kind words you have given me. I love u all in ways you may never ever know. I am so thankful you picked me to be SOTW! It is a great honor and something I can say thank you truly for! I am ready to have a beautiful and healthy little girl and I thank everyone of you for your prayers. So I again will tell you each one of you are a little star shining brightly for all the world to see! Till next time xoxo Amanda


Kimberly said...

You are a star! Our bright SOTW star! Congrats again, you are so deserving You know when you first start visiting a new place, or new group and there are a certain few people who you always remember, who made that first great impression on you? You are one of those people for me in the mamavation group! You were always so welcoming and made sure to comment back to me! <3 Thanks!

Stephanie said...

That is incredible. Only 3 pounds at 34 weeks. Awesome! I love your attitude and your resolve. I love that you strive to move forward and not dwell on the snags in the road. And i love that I've been able to get to know you through the power of Twitter and Mamavation!

CJ @CJinKY said...

You're always so inspirational! Thanks for this great post and congrats on SOTW!

shelley said...

Holy cow! 3 lbs in 34 weeks?!?! I have to say I had to read that twice! I love your attitude and your positive outlook! you are amazing and I'm so glad I met you through mamavation and twitter! You are a true blessing!

~Lori~ said...

Congrats on being SOTW!

Also, please listen to your doctors orders. I know bedrest/limit activity stinks but its for the baby. Its the hardest thing you will have to do, believe me...but it will all be for the best!

The Maniacal Matron - @MMScarlett said...

congrats on being selected sista of the week and awesome job on starting walking again!

Just think - once you've had the little one you can take it (not sure what you're having to be honest - everyone is preggo it seems haha) for walks. SO, you can continue your walks easily post-partum!! YEAH!!

Have a great week - I can't wait to hear from you tonight on Mamavation TV!

kia said...

At 34 weeks you finally put on some weight??? LOL, you are amazing. Amanda you have done so well this pregnancy. I really hope someone picks up your post pregnancy article comparing your 1st and 2nd pregnancy with regard to exercise and how you felt.

Subway would be proud of all you have done. However given what your doctor has said, now is the time to chill. Can you do prenatal yoga. Look for a DVD or netflix or rent the Shiva Rea Gaiam prental session via youtube.com

Congrats on being Sista of the Week, the way you shine for all of us is appreciated. XOXO

Momma On The Run said...

Congrats on SOTW, you have def deserved it! I wish I had been healthy through my pregnancies! Have a super week!

The Clews Crew said...

You are doing so great! I'm so proud of you for eating right and keeping off the weight. Keep up the good work. And now take care of yourself and that sweet little girl who's almost here. I can't believe it's just 3 more weeks!! It seems like you just told me you were expecting. Anyway, rest up and get ready, 2 is crazy busy, but so much fun. Love all of you. You'll be in our prayers (as you already are.)

Marie said...

You are a super star! Keep listening to your body. Limiting your activities can be hard, been there done that, but you need to do what you need to do. Chin up and have a great week!

Lisa Johnston said...

Awwwww, Amanda, you're SOo adorable!

You know if there's anything I've learned from being a doula, it's that a fingertip can mean tomorrow.. or a month from now! We're going to pray that it means a month for you! :)

I agree, just listen to your body and take it easy!

You're doing a FABULOUS job! Keep yourself hydrated and nourished, love!!!


Laura said...

You are such a Strong woman! And a great example for the sisterhood!

Please do not be too tough on yourself about not being able to walk for the next few weeks... honestly, 3-5weeks will not make you some lazy tub of lard, but it may mean the difference between a healthy baby or not... it is OKAY to take a break! No one will think less of you and it does NOT make you a bad roll model!

I am SO excited for your little girl to arrive! Stay positive and be happy hun!

<3 @SeeLauraRun

Triny Kay said...

keep it up!! you are awesome! i wish i had only gained 3 lbs by 34 weeks. take care of yourself and that sweet baby inside you. she will be here soon enough and everything you have gone through will be totally worth it!!!

bookieboo said...

Congrats on being Sista of the Week. Sorry to drive-by comment. XXOO

Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader said...

Way to go SOTW!! You`re awesome and such a great friend! Thanks for being so reassuring this weekend. We can do it - we can keep these babies in! Wouldn`t it be something if we had them the same day!

The Simple Jocabell Life said...

You are a star! I went into pretem with the first but they were able to stop the contractions and delievered her at 37 weeks. Now with the little one I was so scared that she would come early...Well, she didn't want to come out. They had to enduce me at 41 weeks. You are doing so great!!

Thank you so much for making me laugh! You really deserve being SOTW!!! Love ya!!

Colleen said...

wow that is awesome that you have just now put on some weight...after the baby you will be lighter than you were starting out! Take it easy for you and the baby! You are a great role model...I should have stuck with you! I have gained 10x the weight you have!

brook1ll said...

congrats on your walking habit i need to get walking even when i'm not working, i hope your pregnancy goes well and good luck this week

congrats on being sister of the week