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Monday, May 10, 2010

Somethings got to give

Hello my name is Amanda ODair and I am going insane.... If you need me please leave a message after this scream! Honestly how many of you have felt this way? Well I know that I have and honestly I feel like this right now. I had a lot to do for my church and thought I could take it all on by myself because isn't that what I am to do? Well I had a doctors appointment to check up on everything and things were fine I lost 5.7 lbs just by walking and eatting right. Then I got my blood pressuer checked and guess what all this stress has gotten to me my blood pressuer was 131/90 now its not too high and could of been worse, but the point was somethings got to give! But what??? I know that I can not get rid of my church callling, but I can ask for more help! I know I can't stop being a mom, but I can ask for more help! I know I can't stop being a wife, but I know I can ask for more help! I know I can not stop being me, you know a mom, wife, and friend, but I can ask for more help! I want to have a baby and go full term with this little one. I want to get nine months pregenant and be miserable! I know that in order for that to happen I need to give a little and take a little more help. I have to do some certin things like keep walking everyday! Drinking lots of water maybe some AquaHydrate??? And eatting right! I know that if I give a little and take a little help I will be able to have a healthy baby! I love you all and I thank you all for helping me!


~Lori~ said...

Oh girl! Please take care of yourself and that baby!

PLease ask for help if you need it!!

kia said...

Amanda, are you one of these types that usually takes on the world for others at your own expense? Delegate, ask for help sweetie. You focusing on you as a priority is not selfish, you can have it all. Set boundaries, better time management, let go of needing to be all things to all people. Easier said than done if you have to change your mindset. Good luck. XOXO

YouthfulTips said...

It is so hard having to be all things to everyone! I hear you especially being a full time working mom, wife to a deployed hubby, two small children with chronic medical conditions, etc etc. It's very hard but I have the support of my lovely oldest daughter who helps me so much. I agree with Kia and focus on yourself! Thanks for your comments and support! We're here for you! Hugs!


Recessionista Mama said...

Take care of yourself, and YES, ask for more help! You do no one any favors when you don't take care of yourself. oxoxx

Andrea H said...

Definitely ASK FOR HELP! I had two preemies and having a NICU baby is NO fun.

Meanwhile keep drinking your water and take care of yourself. You are the only YOU there is!

JustTracyB said...

Why is it as Moms we find it so hard ot ask for help??? Why is it expected that we hold the weight of the world (or our family) on our shoulders???
Take care of yourself and ASK FOR HELP!

bookieboo said...

This is normal during pregnancy. Your hormones are surging and you are stressed. It happens to us all. Yes, you need help from everyone and we are all here to support you. Just remember to breathe, drink water, eat nutritious foods and get a pedometer. Fortunately for you, the baby will take what he needs first before you get anything. Maybe some yoga for stress relief or some good cardio? I need the cardio cause I can't stand yoga...my mind never stops racing so I can't deal with the deep breathing and poses.

Don't worry about me. I can get help from other people if you need to pull back a bit. Just let me know. We want you to be happy & healthy girl. XXOO