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Sunday, January 2, 2011

ups and downs

I am a very weird person I love having weeks where there are tons of ups and downs. Now this may seem really weird, but there is a good reason why. Sundays starts off good was a great day at church, then we noticed Logan was acting sick but did;t think to much of it. When we get a phone call from my sister tell me my niece has strep throat! We watched Logan and on Monday he was getting very sick the doctors was closed till Tuesday so we had to suffer. Monday night was pure hell! Logan was so sick he slept in our bed and was up almost ever hour. This was not fun at all. Tuesday comes we go to the doctor and sure enough he has strep throat. Now this was a major down. Logan hates median unless you can chew it up, so getting him to take anything was hard. But heres the things on Tuesday we my doctor gave me great news he said I am all clear to apply to be the next mamavation mom. There is the up! I was online Tuesday night thinking about should I apply or not, seeing as I am a very late bird and Leah likes early birds. I was talking myself out of it when Rachel and Stephine talked to me and told me I could do it. It was the little push I needed so I made a video and got it all uploaded. It honestly took me a while to push the submit button cause I was scared. But after I got done I let my friends all of you online know about it and was so amazed at the support I got right away! Things where looking up, when I started to feel sick. Not knowing what it was I went to the doctor on Thursday for some blood work to be done and found out I had strep throat now! I tweeted out to everyone and was floored with get well soon. That was a down that turned into an up! Mamavation was been that up in my life. I have never once thought bad about this sisterhood. Now when you think of Sisterhood what do you think about? I think about so many things but one that sticks out to me is support. So I am going to ask you all for your support. If  I have inspired you in any way please tweet out Hey @! I want @ to be the next  Mom. She has my support! 
I know without a shadow of doubt in my mind that if I would of never saw mamavation on twitter I would still be a person who was ok with being overweight. I am not that person anymore. I will lose the weight and I will support others in their goals to lose weight.
This week blogging carnival is sponsored by Gamestop, and they asked a very good question.
What are ways you can work out without having to leave the house? 
One of my fav. ways to work out is running and playing outside in the backyard with Logan! I also love playing on my moms wii Just dance 2 with my niece and nephews. They honestly keep me fit. My last way is to do ballroom dancing with my hubby in the kitchen! 
I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life! I am so grateful for you all! XOXO Amanda
p.s. opps forgot to let you all know I am down 5lbs but really i think its because I have been sick so I would say for real only 3lbs!


elenka29 said...

This is great step and i applaud for it. Stick with the "ups". "Downs" are the part of our life - you just should not get stuck on it

Anonymous said...

Great job going for it even though you were a bit worried about being late. I'll go check out your video. Good luck!

Owen's Mom said...

I love the fact that with a down, you can only go up! I think the Christmas crud, in various shapes and forms, is going around like crazy. My two have been sick and most of our friends had some sort of issue on New Years. Take care of yourself and your family.

Good luck with the campaign! Glad to hear your were cleared to join in. See you tomorrow night at Mamavation tv.

Laila said...

Good luck with the Mamavation Mom Campaign!

Mommy Glow said...

Wow. Amazing. There are definitely ups and downs when it comes to weight loss and getting healthy. I'm so sorry that Logan and you have strep! Its so awful when our kids are sick!! I'm glad you came up with the strength to apply to be the next Mamavation Mom! I hope that we both get to serve as the new faces of campaign 7's mamavation moms :) Oh and get better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I like late birds. GOOD LUCK with the campaign!

kia said...

I have known you the full year I have been with Mamavation. You have been such a positive light with this program and I would love to see you as campaign mom. I know you'll stick around once the campaign is over and you are an amazing woman. Have a great week Amanda. Good luck with your campagin.

MNMSpecial said...

Woot Woot! So glad you are putting in for the campaign! You are so fun and amazing. Can't wait to hear more from you. Hope you are all feeling better now.

Kimberly said...

Late or early, you applied!! Congrats on your decision and I know you will be successful either way! :) Happy New Year and I hope you have a truly awesome week!

Katie aka Sailors Princess said...

So proud of you for applying. Wishing you the best of luck. Hope that Logan is feeling better. I missed you too girl

~Lori~ said...

So happy that you are applying. I know though, win or lose, you are going to keep pushing forward and reach your goals! HUGS!

Laura said...

That's great that your Dr. cleared you to participate! You'll have to keep applying because I want to see you as a Mamavation Mom, even if it doesnt happen this go around!

I tweeted for ya! Good luck sweetie! Hope everyone in your home is feeling better!


Rachel said...

SO TOTALLY SUPER DUBER Excited that you are applying for Mamavation Mom this campaign! :)


Girl, you know you have my support! :)

Rachel @RachelSteffen

gretablau said...

Hey, 5 pounds is 5 pounds! I'd take it. :)

Good luck with Mamavation Mom!! I know you'll kick butt whether you're a MM or doing the MILI challenge!! Was nice to get to know you better and hear more about you from Leah on Mamavation TV!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you decided to apply!! I really hope you make it; you would be an amazing Campaign Mom!

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