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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Well I decided it was time to post a blog about our life so far and the best place to start would be the wedding. Stephen and I were married on April 12th 2007 in the Dallas Texas Temple. It was a great beautiful day! The day started very early for myself as I had to get up and do my hair, and makeup. (oh yes the joys of being a girl) Stephen and I had to be at the temple by 8:00 am, to get ready for the session and sealing. I can remember the drive perfectly to the temple from my uncles house. It took forever it seem, and then when I got to the temple I was so nervous. Talking to Stephen he was the same way. After the session, we went into the room to get married. It was so wonderful seeing our families there, and seeing my new family as well. After the sealing we went outside and took what I like to call to many pictures! It was so great to have the whole family there! After we had a lunch in at my Uncle Tommy's house, and then everyone one left to head back to Oklahoma while Stephen and I stayed in Dallas that night. Our Reception was on the 14th and if I thought the 12th was a busy day I had no idea that this day would be busier. Wow is all I can say, but after the hair, makeup, and pictures, and when Stephen and I got to just enjoy the reception it was nice. I loved the way the church looked! It was wonderful! Thanks to all who helped out! Next day we left to head to Idaho back to school, yes I know a great honeymoon~ No we had our honeymoon four months later!

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